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Fisherman Music’s ‘Roots & Rights’ Reggae Album Is Now Ashore

Various Artists - Roots & RightsFisherman Music has rowed to shore with a powerful, infectious Roots Reggae and Lovers Rock album of 22 songs entitled ROOTS & RIGHTS.

Netted with pure conscious and positive lyrics organically dressed and steamed or roasted with melodically addictive and lyrically, enchanting love songs.

Roots & Rights has arrived in the new millennium to educate and lift the spirit, while bringing all people together through REGGAE MUSIC.

This compilation album freshly released in Jamaica on a small independent label has generated a storm on major radio stations across the Island.

Roots & Rights features 22 fantastic artists including Warrior King, David King, Natty King, King Everol, Hyah Slyce, Ras Emmanuel, Fyahkin, Pablo Irie, True Blacks, Al Pancho, Israel, Kalvin Kristi, Elegance and many others.

Two songs have recently won “Big Tune” awards on ROOTS 91.6 FM, Kingston,

Jamaica – “What’s Your Verdict” is a showcase in which the listeners call in and vote for the best song. Congratulations to Kalvin Kristi and Ras Emmanuel for their historic contributions.

Roots & Rights release coincides in perfect timing with the State of Emergency in Jamaica, on May 23rd, 2010. The music foretold lyrically the civil events of that time.

Fisherman Music currently has 8 videos on Youtube/KINGRASTA1494 and 4 videos playing on Jamaican TV.


1. Love Is The Answer – Hyah Slyce
2. Love Shall Lead The Way – Natty King
3. Inna Di Gideon – David King
4. Come Over – Warrior King
5. Me & You – Elegance
6. You & Me – Chinna
7. A Want U – True Blacks
8. Ultamatum – Israel
9. A Jus Love – Ethiopia Di First
10. My Type – ”A” Dreece
11. Mama – Carter Wong
12. Nuh Send Nuh Gun – Ras Emmanuel
13. Mr Trigger Happy – Mr Whedha
14. Mr President – Anterauge
15. Everything AaaRight – Iritikal Powers
16. Inna Di Streets – Dolla Bill
17. Marijuana Healing – Fire King
18. Seek Jahovah – Al Pancho
19. Forever – Mach 10
20. Sweet Reggae Music – Kalvin Kristi
21. Reggae Is All I Got – King Everol
22. Give Jah Di Glory – Pablo Irie

Available Worldwide on iTunes!

All Praises Be Unto The Most High For His Wonderful Works.

Go check it out: it’s HOT HOT HOT !!!!


Reggae-Influenced Texan Singer Cas Haley Releases New Album in September



Cas Haley

On September 14th, 2010, Cas Haley will release Connection, his debut release on Easy Star Records.  The 13-song album features a bold mix of reggae, pop, rock, blues and soul, with an emphasis on Cas’ versatile voice and effortless songwriting.

Cas first entered the national spotlight in 2007 as a contestant on the second season of the hit TV show America’s Got Talent.  He quickly became a fan favorite with his natural talent and effervescent personality and finished the season in second place.  An album was quickly released to capitalize on the success of AGT, and sold over 30,000 units in the US without a marketing campaign, radio promotion or extensive distribution. The self-titled album finished 2008 as #8 on the Billboard Reggae Chart.

Connection was recorded in Cas’ hometown of Paris, Texas and mixed in Los Angeles by Danny Kalb (Ben Harper, Beck). Besides Cas’ hallmark influence of reggae throughout the record, there are also elements of soul, blues and pop.  “Better,” “Time And Truth,” and “I’m Free” are all rich with autobiographical lyrics reflective of Cas’ childhood to the present.  Music fans will quickly recognize and appreciate Cas’ only cover on the album, a stunning interpretation of Alicia Keys’ “No One.”  Also included. is a bonus version of the single “Better.”  The track was remixed in a hardcore roots-reggae style by Easy Star’s musical director Michael Goldwasser.

“I consider Connection my real debut album because it is who I am from start to finish,” says Cas, who previously walked away from a major-label record deal because of artistic differences.

Easy Star Records, the leading U.S.-based independent reggae label, is the ideal home for an eclectic artist like Cas Haley. “We have been stretching further away from being strictly a roots-reggae-only label for a while with a progressive roster of bands and artists including John Brown’s Body,Tommy T and The Black Seeds,” says Easy Star CEO Eric Smith. “Cas’ sound is unique and accessible.  It’s not often we come across a singer-songwriter this talented, regardless of genre, so we had to work with him.”

Cas Haley will be on tour throughout the summer and fall across the U.S. promoting Connection. For more information, and an updated tour itinerary, please visit

For media inquiries, contact Crissa Requate ( at Music Allies (828.252.6300)

FREE Download from Lady Saw ‘Every Way Mi Go’

“Every Way Mi Go”

from My Way by Lady Saw

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Immediate download of Every Way Mi Go in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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DJ Makeda Dread spins a special ‘Tribute to Sugar Minott’ Reggae Makossa show

Reggae Makossa #84 Tribute to Sugar Minott

Reggae Makossa #84

Makeda Dread was a dear friend of Sugar Minott for many years.  Makeda dedicates this Reggae Makossa show to wonderful reggae artist and very special person.  Through his music Sugar Minott will live on forever in our hearts.  Tune in as Makeda brings you the best of his works.  ONE LOVE
About Sugar Minott:

Lincoln Sugar Minott was born in Kingston on May 25: 1956. He virtually grew up in a dancehall: living next door to a sound system on Chisholm Avenue. Graduating from Kingston College Extension School at the age of 19 after attending Melrose Primary: he actually believed that football would be his calling as he was an excellent goal keeper. After a stint at electrical engineering: which he quickly abandoned opting to follow his love for music: he followed various sound systems and eventually became a selector for a small sound system called Sounds of Silence Keystone.

Joining Tony Tuff and Derrick Howard to form the group African Brothers: Sugar stepped out into his musical career. After competing in several talent contests: the African Brothers went on to record several cultural and conscious songs for different producers including Sir Coxone Dodd. Although the African Brothers never had a major hit the experience of singing taught Sugar much about harmony and melody which he successfully utilized in his solo career. His introduction to Studio One resulted in him becoming a studio apprentice: quickly learning the art of record production. He was eager to voice new tunes on the timeless rhythms in Coxone’s vault.

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