CD Review: Trumystic – Dub Power


Album: Dub Power
Artist: Trumystic
Label: TMG Records
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5

Reviews on Dub Power Part 1 and Part 2

Dub Power Part 1:

Roaring Lion leads yuh in Dubland, just follow him it’s gonna be an irie, upfull, uplifting journey.

Dis ya one dub done inna dis time a wicked!  Don’t look/listen for di all school vibes like with Scientist, King Tubby or Prince Jammy because this is strickly new school seen. That don’t say that is any less wicked, it really isn’t i tell yuh.Tunes like Rockers, High times, Black Like You, Fire (with some nice rough guitar licks) Stand Up (mixed by the Mad Professor).

If you are realy into dub, …I strongly recommend that yuh check this one.   I man sure about that when yuh check it you will agree.   So just check it an hear an see,  …seeen

Bless yuh hearts

I Jahlive I


Dub Power Part 2:

Steady drum an bass, squeeky guitar riffs an alkinda unexpected effect on this one.
Light up a chalice, sit back close your eyes and let the music you away to dubheaven.

With tunes like, …Hightimes Club , Sa Dub Dub, Chino Pablo, Fire Dub and  End of the Day Dub, …Jahman ya a get deh..

Enjoy dis one( an I know yuh will) I know I did/do.

Fi true, …Bless you

I Jahlive I (special thanks to Danlocks) 


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  1. This Sh** is hot. You got to check it out

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