CD Review: Mikey Dread – Evolutionary Rockers: Dread At The Controls

Mikey Dread

Album: Evolutionary Rockers: Dread At The Controls
Artist: Mikey Dread
Label: Dread At The Controls
Reviewer: Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5

Michael Campbell A.K.A. Mickey Dread,…(Original) Dread At The Controls. First releaased in 1978,an now again and it’s still wicked mi a seh!!!

First heared about the Man in 1983 with the album ?Pave the way?. After that one came Swalk (1982) Happy family(1989) Best Sellers (1991)s, Rasta In Control (2002) an many more.

A whole heap a Irieness Iya!!! An mi know that the man has done a lot more inna dem time(and is still doing now) Mixer engineer,music producer an Reggae consultant etc. Etc.
Him even play on Reggae Sunsplash Jamaica along with other featured artists including: Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Inner Circle and Third World . A career to be respected!!! And that also counts for this new/older released album “Dread at the controls-Evolutionary Rockers”

Timeless tunes,for mi a love dem inna dat time,an still do inna dis ya time!!!

Raaaaspec to di Man Mickey Dread, …still di same dread at di controls, …Firm!

                        Keep on doing Jah Jah blessed works!


                                   One Love     I Jahlive I

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