CD Review: Maxi Priest – 2 The Max

Album: 2 The Max
Artist: Maxi Priest
Genre: Roots
Label: Relentless
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5

Dem first two tune really set yuh inna di mood for some T.L.C. by candlelight. Maxi Priest as sweet as honey like always. Third tune a go tek yuh Skankin. And so it goes on on dis ya album that is o so sweet, that it will probebly give yuh honeysweet fingers when yuh buy it! But that’s dis man music for yuh….SWEET.

Sight up di man once pon di Summerjam Festival inna Germany where he performed along with other artists like Burning Spear an Culture , in front of 50 to 60,000 people (one mountain full a people o yes it was really pon a mountain!) and he gave them what they came for. I Saw all a dem lovers cling together an felt di Love on di mountain iya. (Great feelin…Lovin Vibes!!!)

Bought I first album by dis man in 1987 called Maxi Priest,that is produced by Willie Lindo and Sly & Robbie. With tunes like, Goodbye To Love Again, Same Old Story, Marcus, Some Guys Have All The Luck and of course WILD WORLD is also on dis ya album! And I must must be true…I like dis ya version better! Along whith tunes like,…Believe in Love, Tender Touch, Fields, Sweat A ’Go Buss (an wi all know wa dat mean), Like I do,Wildfire a.o.,…dis ya one a definitely worth checking, Mi tell yuh!

Yuh know di place fi get it, so I man advice…go get deh!

                                 Lovin Ites to yuh all an Jah Bless,…Always.

                                              I Jahlive I
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