CD Review: Bob Marley and The Wailors – Africa Unite: The Single Collection


Album: Africa Unite: The Single Collection (20 Tracks)
Artist: Bob Marley & The Wailors
Genre: Roots
Label: Island/Tuff Gong
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5

First of all I want to say, that I am really and truly Honoured to be writing this review.

Give thanks to di Father high above and to those in Zion whom I Love! Selah.

I man first record Reggae wise ,whas the 12? inch version of No Woman No Cry (Live version 1975 Island Records) so much feelin set tears inna mi eye’s.(Thanx Mom fi buying it fi I) cause it really changed my life. And when in the same year the album Live came out,well that one really hooked I up foriva! Recorded at the lyceum on the 18th july 1975 in London. Di Live recording been done by Rolling Stones Mobile. Well Bredda Bob stone went on rolling Jah Know! With albums like: Exodus (1977), Babylon By Bus (1978), Kaya (1978), Rastaman Vibration (1978), Survival (1979), Uprising (1980) and so many more, he conquered the world and paved the way for so many artist now a day’s to spread Jah Message all over di world.

Yeah mon, Bredda Bob put Reggae music, Rastafarians an Jamaica pon di map! Firm!

Still a great inspirator to many many artists,in fact ‘all’ People. A great artist to many a prophet to a whole heap a Bredren an Sistren, including Iself. Really an Truly Love n Raspec mi Bredda Bob! An I man so happy with this new album called,…Africa Unite-The singles Collection, released on November 8 this year 2005. Soul Rebel, Lively Up Yourself, Trenchtown Rock, Get Up Stand Up and No Woman No Cry, all a dem deh pon dis album.

An a few new surprising tracks, SLOGANS, mi never hear it before an it Wicked just like the last track on dis ya album. A remix version of Get Up Stand Up ,called Stand Up Jamrock done by Ashley Reedle. WICKED!

Bredda Bob lives, him cyaan dead for Rasta never die. Him a live on thrue him music an inna di Hearts of I an I. For I an I is Jah Children whom a praise I Most High, Rastafariii! Raspec an Love to dis Man, The Honourable Robert Nesta Marley (Bredda Bob), di Marley Family, an all a yuh. May yuh enjoy dis ya album as much as I do.

Love to yuh ALL, Love that cometh from di Most High, Ababajonoi I,…Rastafari.   Bless !

                                              I Jahlive I

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