The Congos Reunion North American Tour Summer 2006

The Congos

The Origonal Congo’s and Everton Blender will be touring Europe late April to mid-May, and then doing the US until late June, and then Europe again until early July when they return to the US to cover the remaining part of North America. The Congos continue their legacy supporting their new Explorer Recordings release – Cock Mouth Kill Cock – on which they are re- united with the origonal Congos vocal trio- Cedric Myton, Watty Barnett and Roydell “Shanty Roy” Johnson. Fans are in for a special treat seeing in the flesh the origonal vocal trio who voiced Heart of the Congos, the legendary reggae masterpiece recorded thirty years ago. In Europe, the re-release of Heart of the Congos sold over 300,000 units. The Congos are some of the living legends in the history of roots reggae music with their conscious lyrics and unique vocal sound.

Everton Blender is touring to support his new release- My Time, also on Explorer recordings. He is touring with two female vocalists on background vocals including his daughter, Iesha Blender, who opens her father’s set with some strong original songs of her own. Several of Blender’s hits, such as “Lift Up your Head,” “Ghetto People Song” and “Family Man” have risen to worldwide anthem status helping to give people hope in all walks of life – especially the poor and needy. Giving to the poor in spirit is a key to paradise. Blender is an exceptional, no- compromise lyricist who lives the part he writes about. When Blender performs, one quickly recognizes that his works are from the heart. His message is one of commitment to Godly principles and good living amongst people.  He is an uncompromising rastaman, consistently hitting the market for the cause of the   people. Musically he is also a specially gifted vocalist with a unique style of his own.

This tour carries an entourage of thirteen people, also featuring the up and coming female artist Tasha T. Tasha T. has received numerous music awards in eastern Canada including Best Female DJ and is touring in support of her latest release on Explorer Recordings entitled Tasha T. All true reggae lovers should be sure not to miss this classic roots reggae package when it comes to their neighborhood.

 For bookings contact Peter Wardle King’s Music International at (510) 326-8445, or online at

Biography: Congos

The Congos came together in 1977 to record Heart of the Congos with Lee “Scratch” Perry.  The vocalists on this project included Cedric Myton, Roydel “Ashanti” Johnson and Wadi Burnett. They are known as Cedric, Watty and Shanty.  The Congos made their name with this monumental recording, which was released in 1977. Reggae historian Steve Barrow, one of the people behind the exquisite reissue of this long-thought-lost record, considers it as good as seminal reggae recordings such as Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Natty Dread, Burning Spear’s Marcus Garvey, and the Mighty Diamonds’ Right Time. This is not an exaggeration. Myton, Burnett and Johnson, working with Lee Perry at his Black Ark Studios in Kingston created a masterpiece, one of (if not the) finest production job of Perry’s long and prolific career.

Their new CD, “Cock Mouth Kill Cock” releasing worldwide on Explorer Recordings March 2006, brings together the original voices of the Congo’s that blended together to make their masterpiece Heart of the Congos, in 1977. The songs on this new CD use original recording of rhythms of the 60’s and 70’s era, straight from the archives of Hit producer Bunny “Striker” Lee. This project features the reunion of all of the original members of The Congos – Cedric, Watty and Shanty. Man proposes and God disposes. In this case, it’s great to see the reunion of an exceptional vocal trio that has made history.   

Biography: Everton Blender

One of the few Jamaican singers to truly bridge the gap between the roots and dancehall reggae styles is Everton “Blender.” When reggae fans hear the opening notes of “Lift Up Your Head,” “Ghetto People Song” or “Blend Dem,” they instantly recognize these songs as major cultural anthems of our time. The large number of hits Everton has accrued is most impressive.

Everton Dennis Williams was born in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, but grew up in Kingston 13 on Maxfield Avenue. He worked as a painter, construction worker and decorator, but he realized that the strong chemicals he was working with were not good for his voice or his health in general. With divine help and direction, he decided to leave his job to pursue a singing career.

In 2001, Blender released Visionary (HB 254), consisting of his trademark conscious commitment over sizzling roots and dancehall self-productions. With guest appearances by Beenie Man, Anthony B, Tony Rebel, and Marcia Griffiths, along with Everton’s own strong performance, the album garnered favorable reviews throughout the music press. 2001 and 2002 also marked excellent touring years for Blender, in which he headlined several major reggae events.

King Man (HB 258), released in 2002, represents another installment in Blender’s legacy of excellent reggae music.  In 2005 Blender did a two-month North American tour with America’s Reggae Angels and July 2005 marks the release of My Time, his latest album on Explorer Records.  It’s a strong album from beginning to end. Don’t miss him when he passes through your area.

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