Explorer Recording and Q and W Music release new Reggae Angels album MAKE BLESSINGS

Reggae angels

Reggae Angels release their twelfth album entitled Make Blessings, mixed by Jim Fox. This is their best work to date, as they say, experience teaches wisdom!

Reggae Angel born as Peter Fenton Wardle currently based in San Francisco. Started singing to the public at the tender age of twelve in the streets of San Francisco with is accordion. Between 1982 and 1992, Fenton formed three bands including IIY, Chosen Few and Elevations. With the Elevations, he produced two albums Jah Guide and Good Judgment.

In 1992, he left the Elevations and started the Reggae Angels. Since then Reggae Angels as recorded a huge catalogue (11 Albums). Their albums included Guard The Honor, Jealousy, Truth And Conviction, Spirit, Sign and Wonder, Which Road Will You Chose, Live Positive, Come To Jah, Save Your Soul, A Heart With Love and Balance. In the last two years, Reggae Angels has simply been the most toured band in America, including a 50 city tour with Andrew Tosh, a 30 city tour with Junior Reid and Abyssinians, and 9-week tour of USA, including Hawaii and Canada, with Everton Blender.

Reggae Angels – Make Blessings
( Q&W Music & Explorer Recording 2006 )

1. Is That Jah Love
2. Love And Respect
3.Where There Is Love
4. Marriage
5. Don’t Be A Complainer
6. Time
7. Please Our Lord
8. Just Do It
9. Make Blessings
10. Withhold Not Good
11. Ask For Our Neighbor
12. Anger
13. Satan’s Army
14. Over The Rainbow

* Bigupradio: CD Review: Reggae Angels – Make Blessings – Dec 6, 2005


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