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Executive Producer Charlotte Lawrence, CEO of Lawrence Pictures, LLC, American production partner with Pascal Herold, of Herold & Family (Paris), is currently in discussion with several major American distributors.

Commenting on the film, executive producer Pascal Herold of Herold & Family observes: ?Our goal with ?made in Jamaica? is to show how a small island nation of only three million people has taken their pain and suffering, and translated their emotions into music that now resonates around the world. While we are actively reviewing and editing the 160 hours of extraordinary images, live music, and observations these unique performers provided for us, our project is continuing to receive a warm welcome by the film industry world wide. We are certain that we will be presenting a unique, high energy finished product which is sure to astound audiences everywhere.?

?Made in Jamaica? is now in post-production, and on schedule for completion by the Spring of 2006. It is a powerful film portrait of the leaders of the reggae music movement, and how reggae has become a worldwide phenomenon. The film presents the candid life stories of these unique artists, captured in frank, personal interviews, strengthened by their extraordinary musical performances, filmed entirely live in the authentic backdrop of Jamaica. From their native ghetto to international fame, “made in Jamaica” presents the individual stories of these artists who represent the Jamaican Dream.

Reggae music sprang into life in the 70?s. It is Jamaica?s blues: a music of both desperation and hope. The 70?s were the first time that a third world country had made its voice heard on such a large scale. Instantly recognizable, the reggae sound is a celebration of life itself. Now a new generation of reggae artists has emerged and its fathers are still in Jamaica.

The Dance Hall, emerging from reggae, is drawing large crowds across the globe. At its origin, the Dance Hall concept is heavily influenced by religious overtones. Like rap music, Dance Hall?s message is powerful and straightforward, with lyrics about sex, violence, and social issues, including much on women?s rights.

?Made in Jamaica? Director Jerome Laperrousaz

Past films include:

“Prisoners in the Street, Third World” 1980 (Cannes Festival Selection)

“Human” casting Terence Stamp and Jeanne Moreau, 1975

“Continental Circus”, 1972 (Jean Vigo Award and Academy Award selection for foreign production)

Jerome Laperrousaz has twenty-five years of family history in Jamaica. In 1980 he directed “Prisoners in the Street: ?Third World? “. The film highlights Jamaican reggae through the experience of the group “Third World.” ?Jerome has a special talent for exposing the sensitive and personal. In “made in Jamaica”, Jerome shows the magnificent beauty which is the Jamaican landscape, from the renowned recording studios of Kingston, the pulsing sounds of Ocho-Rios, the morning light of the Blue Mountains, the vendors lining the narrows streets, the ghettos, and the creativity of Rasta and its inspired fashions.

What has reggae become today? “Made in Jamaica” will expose two main themes present in reggae: the old school reggae of the founders and that of the new generation.

“Made In Jamaica” Cast

Grammy Award Winner Toots; Gregory Isaacs; Bunny Wailer (Bob Marley?s brother); Grammy Award Nominees Third World; Beres Hammond; Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare; Alaine; Tanya Stephens; Bounty Killer; Elephant Man; Lady Saw; Joseph Current; Vybz Kartel; Brick and Lace; Dr. Marshall; Capleton; Koolant; Grammy Award Winner Toots Frederick “Toots” born in Maypen, grew up singing gospel music at church. The lights of Kingston were his dream and arrived in Trenchtown barefoot and moneyless. He recorded with Raleigh Gordon and Jerry Matthias, forming the original Maytals. In 1968, their song “Do the Reggay”coined the phrase ?reggae?. In 1973 Toots and The Maytals held their first concert in the United States. It was the beginning of a successful career managed by Bob Marley?s producer Chris Blackwell. The band recently won the 2005 Grammy award for reggae for the album “True Love”. This album has some re-recorded versions of their classics alongside popular and legendary musicians such a Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards.

About Lawrence Pictures

Lawrence Pictures is an entertainment company that produces and acquires innovative film projects. The company focuses on the marketing and domestic distribution of independent films.

Lawrence Pictures is the creation of Charlotte Lawrence. The two inaugural projects are “made in Jamaica” and a 3D animated film. Lawrence Pictures works in close collaboration with the top 3D animation Studios in Paris, France. Charlotte Lawrence is the CEO of Lawrence Pictures, LLC. On “made in Jamaica” Charlotte Lawrence comments: ?Our intention with ?made in Jamaica? is to reach an entirely new generation with the philosophies, the people, and of course the music of the reggae movement. ?made in Jamaica? is a great project for Lawrence Pictures, as well as all of our participating partners.?

About HEROLD & FAMILY Pascal Herold

Pascal Herold founded DURAN-DUBOI in 1984. In 1997 DURAN-DUBOI became a publicly traded company on the French stock exchange. Under his dedicated and relentless leadership, DURAN-DUBOI became the unchallenged leader in France in 3D animation. The company?s spectacular R&D department lead DURAN-DUBOI to win first class international producers’ trust and loyalties. DURAN-DUBOI also became a leader in the TV post production market in Europe. Its “virtual effects” artists, “CGI” animators and “sound designers” developed technical and artistic internationally recognized expertise in digital special effects image and sound. DURAN-DUBOI’s abilities in the creation of SFX (?Amelie of Montmatre,? ?Joan of Arc?, ?Alien, the Resurrection?), production of music video and films are now recognized throughout Europe. After founding and leading DURAN-DUBOI for over twenty years, Pascal Herold recently decided to focus all of his his energy on his personal passion for producing and directing feature films, through Herold & Family.


Lawrence Pictures LLC
P: 202 882 3187
F: 202 882 4184
C: 831 915 0184
4408 15th Street NW, Washington DC 20011


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