STRANGEST THING is bubbling up for MR EASY

Mr. Easy's newest release STRANGEST THING is getting a postive response wordwide. This single, which is presently on a one-off riddim titled the BUTTERFLY riddim, is being distributed by In Da Streetz Distribution and has already sold out the first pressing!HERE'S WHAT DJs ARE SAYING:

– Wow!!!! What a fantastic track!!!!! I love it! Songs like this are just too far and few in between. – Gary of Mass Pool DJs

– "STRANGEST THING" is gangster, top of the top, exquisite, banging track, one of the best songs I’ve heard from him in a minute. The concept is hot and the samples are ridiculous. Lots of pull ups on the track in the club! – Kojak of Renegade Sound and 45 Crew DJs.

– I’m lovin this track. It’s definitely in heavy rotation on my radio program. Tell Mr. Easy say this one GONE! – Jr Diamond, WNHU Connecticut

– This song is hot!!!! I just can’t figure out why it is MR. Easy does not have a record deal. He’s been putting in his work for a while now. His songs on the riddims are always hot songs that get play! – DJ Splash

– This is gonna be a big record! I love it already! – DJ Prince Ice, WWDM/WHXT South Carolina

– I luv the Track – very, VERY nice. I can spin dis! – DJ Hot, Chicago IL

– I Love “Strangest Thing”, I will be playing it everywhere I go. – Fatta Ranks, Chicago IL

– Personally, I think the song is wicked!!!! Played it like 3 times back to back. – Lennox Grant of Large Radio

– Great new song. Easy just keeps getting better and better every year. I want to know when the album is coming out. – DJ Handgun, Las Vegas

– This Joint is Phat – DJ Koole, Hawaii

– Mr Easy's "Strangest Thing" is an instant classic for all who feel the fight for Babylon to free di weed…"wake the town and tell the people"…..Boom Tune!!! – Selecta 7, Los Angeles CA

– What a WICKED TUNE from Mr. Easy. Never heard him on a roots Riddim before but this is a BOOM TUNE! – DJ Mikey Bigga Jarrett, England

– Mr. Easy is on the road with a real big tune! "STRANGEST THING" is well produced on a very good individual rhythm, and shines with Easy's great lyrics. One of Mr. Easy's biggest and baddest tune in the last time! A must-have and sureshot in any dance. Respect!!! – Selecta M, Soundcontrol, Germany

If you know someone (such as your radio station, a local promoter or the club you spin at) interested in bringing him to your town, contact me! – RudeGal


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  1. I would like to promote Mr. Easy here in LA, California.

    In love with his music

    Let’s talk


  2. Please remove my phone number out of the comment which I submitted

  3. shermaine casimiro

    I love this track. It talks about the life of a rasta man and how corrupted the government is in a way. Mr.Easy you the MAN!

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