Lion’s Den Adversity Gets “A” Rating From Jahworks.Org

(Washington, DC) – On June 1, 2006, freelance writer and reggae music critic, Ted Boothroyd of New Brunswick, Canada, gave Mt. Nebo Records recording artist, Black Culture rave reviews for his debut album “Lion’s Den Adversity.”

In his monthly column for (a leading Web site dedicated to Caribbean culture), Boothroyd had only compliments to bestow on Black Culture and stated “Black Culture is not a group, but a guy. And not just any guy, but this generation’s Ijahman Levi. If you know Ijahman, that may sound like extravagant praise, but just listen to “Haile I Selassie I.” (In fact you have, if you’ve heard last year’s Bambu Station compilation, Talkin’ Roots II.) What you hear on that track reflects exactly what you will find throughout this disc: thoughtful, beautiful singing and chanting over a patient, steady one-drop. You’ll also find subtle, pretty melodies and impeccable arrangements. This is gorgeous reggae, attractively packaged for good measure.”

The “A” rating and accolades that Black Culture received are further reinforced by other comments made by Mr. Boothroyd, who indicated that Black Culture’s music is more impressive when you read about some of the adversities he faced.  Boothroyd made reference to Black Culture’s background, influences, and collaboration with the VI’s Bambu Station – “His early exposure to soul music gave way to the beats and the vibes of Rap music and Hip Hop culture through which he became adept at the lyricism and floetry of the genre. But in a non-standard twist, he then adopted the Rastafarian outlook and lifestyle, tuned into roots reggae, and even founded a cultural gathering place to promote ‘communal livity.’ Apparently he was awaiting trial for an unidentified Babylon offence when he joined with the talented Bambu Station crew and recorded all these songs over a period of a single, intense week. It’s a remarkable setting for all the creativity and beauty that shines forth in the music.”

Boothroyd went on to say – “Given the artist’s insistence on stability and reason and responsible behavior, you might expect something akin to wimpiness in the music itself. Nope. Not wimpy. There’s muscle here, and variety. It’s by turns luxurious, spare, dynamic, atmospheric, bubbly, pensive, friendly, challenging. ‘Never underrate a good cup a cocoa,’ Black Culture advises in one of his songs. Never underestimate a good, warm and nourishing reggae album either, I would advise. This is one.”

The entire review can be found at

“Lion’s Den Adversity” was produced by Bambu Station and is distributed by Mt. Nebo Records.

For more information on  Black Culture, please visit;; and for downloadable songs.

For interview requests, please contact Rosie Parke at 301-395-1013 or

(Mt. Nebo Records Disclaimer: The issues, views and expressions reflected by the writer of this music review concerning Black Culture are an independent opinions of Ted Boothroyd).


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