Reggae CD Review: Luciano – Now And Forever: Message For Life

Album: Now And Forever: Message For Life
Artist: Luciano
Genre: Roots
Label: Mighty Man
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5
All I man can seh, a FORGIVE THEM  JAH. For I man know di most high GOD BLESS A TRYING MAN. I man nah haffi question IF JAH IS FOR US ,for I know THERE COMES A TIME di ALMIGHTY KNOWS, that all a di world will know that him a di only SAVIOUR! ONE OF THESE DAYS by di powers of di KING OF KINGS, I’VE GOT TO RISE an steh ROOTED AN  GROUNDED. For NOW AND FOREVER! For now DOWN TOWN IN THE CITY I cry, prayin that soon di whole wide world will see that only LOVE CAN SAVE THE WORLD.

Titles pon di new album by Jah messenger the great LUCIANO!

Him name means (the bearer of light) and that he is an he will mek yuh feel it too!

With numerous albums like: A New Day, The Great Controversy, Hail The Comforter, Lessons Of Life, Call On Jah, Serious Times, Serve Jah an so many more, this bredda is setting I an I up with a whole heap a concious, spiritual, magical lyrics an vibes fi a long time awredi!

From him first recorded song (Ebony and Ivory, Aquarius Records ’92) till di last tune pon this new album called ( Love Can Save The World ) this man is just superiour brilliance!!!
I could go on fore about four pages about this bredda, cause beside the talent, spirituality, voice an conciousness, this bredda is a great personality,…a true messenjah,…I man a tell yuh (just I humble opinnion).

Check out this great new one an enjoy, I man jus know there are many more to come. Jah Bless di man call Luciano for di bredda truly wa him name a seh,…Bearer of light,…Inivershally.

                                        Blessed love I  Jahlive I


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