Native Elements LIVE Sept 22nd with’s DJ Kurious

Native Elements

San Francisco’s reggae favorite Native Elements (now in their 10th year as a cohesive unit) never fail to bring postivity and niceness to all of their music gatherings.  As recording artist’s they spin a curious fabric of luvers rock, roots and conscious dancehall wrapped cozily in a bright “frisco-pino” treatment.  A family before anything else Native Elements strives to make their show a warm and inviting experience for all; young and old, red gold  and green and everything in between.

Also on the bill


Attention Babylon! SF Bay Area jazz great Clyde “The Slyde” Sutliff (Dogslyde) has returned with a new spin on the classic reggae of old. His new group, CV1, is an all instrumental mash-up of classic Jamaican dub grooves, psychedelic guitar, and beautiful jazz-improv. Clyde’s trumpet and melodica excursions-on-the-version are accompanied by old friends E. Blake Davis (Papa’s Culture, Opal Book Club) on guitar/pedal board, Harley White Jr. (Papa’s Culture, Seventy) on bass, and Eddie “The Assassin” Sassin (Undercover SKA) or Jan Jackson (Pothole, Bitches Brew) on drums/percussion.

Selecta Kurious

from Reality Time on BigUpRadio will be doin it Big on the 1’s & 2’s.

Sep 22, 2006
9:00 PM PST
Native Elements, CV-1, Selecta Kurious (Reality Time/Bigupradio)
$9 $7 w/SDL voucher
Shattuck Down Low (more details)
2284 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA USA
(510) 548-1159

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