Reggae CD Review: Jah Roots – Crucial

Album: Crucial
Artist: Jah Roots
Genre: Roots
Label: GanJah Records
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5
Sometimes yuh come to find a group a musicians that a really blow yuh away wid dem sounds an vibes. Well, this group called JAHROOTS is defenitely a group like that!

From di first tune called Crucial (an believe I a Crucial Album it is) till di number twelf tune called Empress man a tell yuh all a dem a scorchers!

Personly I love/like di number six tune the most “Fight down we Chalwa” it,s called, Raaastafari mi tel yuh one wicked/bad tune dat! Picked out dis ya one as I favourite after hearing the cd for bout? Many a  times. For I say it again, a none a dem less!

Truly I bredren,…raaspec from I, all a di weh J.
Musically, Outstanding an Voice, so Inspirational an… magical even! I know I said this inna some a di Reviews I did awredi, that it is a must have inna yuh Reggae collection,…but dis ya one, A DEFINITIVE MUS HAVE!!! Eric Groves, Josh Nail, Stephen Washburn, Grant Maledy, Mike Hulsey, Ras Josh an I-Ron together dem is JAHROOTS. An yuh all right when yuh a seh Good music bring good vibes inna di number five song ” Good high” keep on doing Jah Blessed Works an never ever stop bringin di people di good highs an good vibes, for believe I….dem a need it, all over di world!

Blessed love to yuh all, an may Jah Guide an Itect yuh all fi Iva an Iva, I man say an pray.

Check dem at an learn all about dem or check Di station Bigupradio Roots station.

                            Jah bless yuh all with love, light an livity.
                                      Iceraly I Jahlive I 


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