Reggae CD Review: Katchafire – Revival

Album: Revival Artist: Katchafire Genre: Roots Label: Mai Music Reviewer: Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew) Rating: 5/5
Catching, upfull, irie an awesome band! Those are the first words that come into I head when I first heared this band from New Zealand. Katchafire…name taken from di album by Bob Marley, are really an truly a joy to listen to!!! The band has the name to be Aotearoa’s Number 1 Band and hearing this debut album by them I can do nothing but agree to that. They sold more than 30.000 copies,and the single “Giddy up” Whas the best selling single in the year 2002. Whith titles pon dis ya album like: Reggea Revival, Colour My Life, Colllie Herbman, seriously an Redemption Song (bredda Bob) all a dem so nice I just haffi seh it twice! Redemtion song done by this band is so absolutely BRILLIANT (I just know dem set a big smile pon bredda Bob face). Really outstanding! Allso the three Dubwise bonus tracks will touch your heart an soul mi a tell yuh. Reggea music,one of the bloodlines in New Zealand, well them is defenitely part of that! Mi bredren, Ara Adams-Tamatea, Jordan Bell, Jamey Ferguson, Haani Totorewa, Logan Bell, Granville Bell, Thompson Hohepa an Leon Davey…know yuh have I man raspec an keep di fiyah burning!   With blessed love. I Jahlive I                      

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