Live Roots and Culture Arcata Fair Weekend

    Keys of Creation is an ancient roots musik with a new flava.  Originally hailing from the Somoa Islands, and now based out of Southern California, Keys of Creation comes forward to the people in full Rastafari power delivering the positive vibration of roots reggae.  This musik is shining light and mediation for the youth.  Keys of Creation is a roots foundation band with pure Rasta vybz performing all original conscious musik.  The band is tight, and performs on real instruments.  The musik is played with heavy roots bass lines that keep the crowd entranced, interlocking with the ancient heartbeat rhythm of the roots drum.  The vocals are a blend of sweet melody and ancient chant.  This is authentic roots reggae musik with poetic lyrics of reality and life.  Keys of Creation opens doors for the youth to come in all generations.  The sounds of the musik and the meaning of the message are one: come together and live together in love, and in harmony.  Keys of Creation is old roots with a new flava combined with positive vision and positive solutions for all people.  Keys of Creation new CD release, “Let Your Light Shine” is now available!

Drums: Daniel Holmes
Bass: Ras Dan Maiava
Keys: Sila Pouvi
Guitar: Ray Castro
Vocals: Iakopo Jones

For more information about Keys of Creation visit:

Jimi Bridges Music without borders

       “This music is a living art form coming out of the heart.  It is music of healing, of peace.”  Jimi Bridges performs and records all original music on instruments from around the world including Africa, India, Jamaica, Japan, Europe and more. Jimi plays original music that cannot be described or defined by any one style or genre.  His musical influences come from deep roots in gospel, devotional bhajans, kirtan, nyahbinghi, reggae, folk, blues, jazz, rock and r&b. Jimi has over 20 years of performing experience.  This unique music is soulful, touching the innermost through sound, bringing peace of mind and elevation of spirit.”

Jimi Bridges offers mystic music, a pure organic blend of the modern & the ancient. Seeing Jimi live is a real eye opener, true upliftment and inspiration. 

       Jimi expresses “Music is the universal language that all people of the world can understand and feel. Music speaks heart to heart… Music can break down the barriers or walls within our being separating us from our joy and our truth, and music has that power that it can transform our life to move us in a positive direction. And when we can change ourselves from within, we can also change the world around us.”

Instrumentation includes: acoustic guitars, melodicas, nyahbinghi, African, & Indian drums, various percussion, bells, chimes, flutes and other world instruments…  

For more information about Jimi Bridges visit:

All Original World Music

“In anyone’s life, there is a moment when you need to experience this peace, no matter where you live or what you do or what your style of life is; you need a moment of this sound, of this peace, of this music.”


Sat Sept 16th @ 10 PM

Live Roots & Culture Arcata Fair Weekend

Keys of Creation with Jimi Bridges

Humboldt Brews – 856 10th St, Arcata, CA

Sun Sept 17th @ 4:45 PM

Jimi Bridges

North Country Fair & Harvest Festival – Arcata Plaza
Info: 1.866.524.5669      

Katherine Howard
(415) 259-6428
World Management & Booking
Representation & Resources
For Conscious Original Artists


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