Tanya Stephens ‘Rebelution’ A Hit

Watching the video for Tanya Stephens’ ‘These Streets’

There is only one thing that comes to the mind “No wonder the song is kicking up rumpus all over the place!” It was beautifully done and the message in the song cannot be missed.

But then again everything Tanya does these days seems to have the Midas touch on it. She is enjoying some crazy media presence right now with her sixth album ‘Rebelution’ from which the track ‘These Streets’

Coming from Europe where she did a lot of interviews on radio promoting her album, Tanya headed for the States where the promotion continued. She recently made a stop at LYNKS 103 FM in Miami where she sizzled on air. Last Wednesday the calls kept coming while she was in studio on IRIE FM’s Entertainment Buzz.

What can we say they just love her! It’s just crazy vibes going on with the release of Rebelution as many are amazed at how ‘deep’ she is.

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