In Di Streetz Distribution

In Di Streetz Distribution is continuing the ‘Gully Slime’ rhythm with producer M. Pinnock for Natural Bridge label, the singles are: “Wicked Inna Bed” by Lexxux & Vegas, “Beggy Beggy” by Zumjay, “I Can Have Your Man” by Lady Saw, “Wanna Be Gangster” by Christopher, “Fi Di Gal Dem” by Kiprich, “I’m A Hustler” by G. Mafia, “Dem Nuh Original” by TOK, “All Over You” by Ras Myrdak, “A Nuh Your Fault” by Macka Diamond & Queen Paula, “Sunaani” by Ras Ptah, “Badda Than Dem” by Anthony B, “We Nuh See Dem” by Hawkeye, “Dead” by Turbulence, “Over You” by Capt. Barkey & Wicker Man, “Real Gangstaz” by Da’Ville, and “Nuh Chatty Ting” by Movado.

Another rhythm available this week is the ‘Problem’ dancehall rhythm produced by Ricardo McIntosh for Big Mac Records, the singles are as follows: “I Just Wanna Tell You” by Derrick Parker, “These Girls” by Ganjaja, “Horny” by Ghost / General B, “Some Girls” by Atomie, “Bad Mind & Obeah” by Beenie Man, and “Nuh Fraid A Dem” by Elephant Man.

All singles distributed by In Di Streetz Distribution in Jamaica W.I.

Ray Khool
Khool Booking Agency
JA.Office # 1(876) 998-5083
US.Office # 1(347) 394-5801
JA.Fax # 1(876) 704-0866


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