BOOM SHOTS #46 with special guest Kris Kelli on

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ITUNES click here. WINDOWS click here.BOOM SHOTS #46 with Kris Kelly

The dancehall diva KRIS KELLY visits the show BOOM SHOTS this week to talk about her career and showcase her latest tracks. Your recently married host DJ Boom has a special Kris Kelly megamix, the latest tracks out of Jamaica and all the hottest riddims this week. Tune in this Wednesday and every Wednesday to hear DJ Boom spin the best reggae dancehall streaming online! Next week Buju Banton will stop by the show #47! Also check out the new DJ BOOM dancehall mixtape “IGNITE” found on ONE LOVE


Kristen Kelli-Ann McGregor, is a natural who has merely begun her journey in the pursuit of a musical career. Inspired by her father’s passion for singing and the vastness of his musical appetite, Kelli has always been encouraged by her parents’ support. As the only female on the current roster, Kris Kelli draws inspiration from other female artists including the late Aaliyah and Nelly Furtado whom she says, she admires ‘for her unique style of singing and her creative writing’. Find out more:

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