Ras Attitude stops by the Reality Time Show on Bigupradio.com

The conscious singer RAS ATTITUDE visits the show REALITY TIME this week on Bigupradio.com’s Slamming Dancehall Reggae station. Join your hosts DJ Kurious and MC Taiyephoon for an exclusive interview with RAS ATTITUDE and a peak at his latest musical works. REALITY TIME features the best conscious reggae selections every time! Tune in every Sunday at 3am 9am 3pm and 9pm Eastern Standard Time.

About Ras Attitude

Blessed with one of the Virgin Island’s most crucial voices of Reggae is St. Croix born RAS ATTITUDE. His love for music is one passed down from generations. His mother and Grandmother, both well known for their musical abilities, are the foundation for his estabilished vocals. This energetic and charismatic singer takes his music to the next level by blending many styles of music. Find out more about Ras Attitude on his site: http://www.soundvizionrecords.com/
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