The Wild Wild West Dub Tour 2006 Featuring Sugar Minott, Scientist and Admiral Tibet

Kings Music International is now booking the Godfather of Dancehall, reggae legend Sugar Minott, along with the legendary engineer- Scientist, Admiral Tibet, The Hawaiian Lyon, Fire Pashon and the all-star Ragga SoulJah Band. The Wild Wild West Dub Tour is going out in conjunction with Utmost High Records, Dubmusic Productions and Kings Music International. Scientist mixed many of Sugar’s hit songs in Jamaica in the 80’s and 90’s. The band features world-class musicians such as Santa Davis, Vince Black, Hale Maskell, and a horn section featuring Balboa Becker on trombone, and background vocalists. The full band, along with a stable of dynamic artists, will be dubbed out by the Dubmaster himself – Scientist. There is already a lot of excitement about this package in the major cities. This is a massive show you don’t want to miss. Sugar has recently released a new CD called Tribute to Studio One on the Tads Records label. He continues to produce hit records such as the 2002 INDIE winner for Best Reggae Album, “Rare Gems”. Sugar Minott literally ruled the dancehall for a decade from the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s. Admiral Tibet was predominant in the dancehall later on in the 80’s as a conscious roots singer. Tibet is best known worldwide for hits such as “Babylon War” and “Leave Peoples Business”. Tibet is big in Europe, consistently doing tours and festivals. Hawaiian Lyon’s smooth style has been getting out into the western U.S. and Hawaii, with his heartical lyrics and all-star musicians. Best known for the song, “Sweet Sexy Lady” and “Let it Grow”, his CD’s have been well produced in conjunction with Scientist, who has also done the mixing. Pashon, Sugar’s daughter, does some songs of her own, and then sings harmony for her father.

Last year Sugar did the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in California, and then did a similar tour from San Diego through LA, the four major Hawaiian islands, and up the west coast to Canada and then down through Montana to Colorado. The shows were successful in bringing out a lot of roots people, and there is a lot of interest for him to come again. Now a year later, Minott again brings a style he created in the early days of Jamaica’s dancehalls in the 70’s and 80’s, when he defined sound system performance and elevated singing and deejaying to new heights with his Black Roots record label and the Youthman Promotion sound crew. Sugar’s crew offered more lyrical variety and talent than virtually any other sound system then or since. He helped mentor and give experience to many of the artists that were later to become trendsetters in their own right, such as Tenor Saw, Nitty Gritty, Junior Reid, Frankie Paul, Michael Palmer, Half Pint and Little John. Wherever he performs, Sugar plays to a solid base of loyal fans, whether it be in the clubs of London, the dancehalls of Kingston or the nightclubs of New York City. Sugar is known for working with a stable of talented artists, and this tour package is no exception.

For bookings contact Peter Wardle of Kings Music International at (510) 326-8445 or e-mail


Sugar Minott is one of the best-loved performers from Jamaica. He has helped many young artists come up in the music business and produced numerous memorable recordings. Sugar Minott is one of reggae dancehall’s foundation artists.

From the onset of his career in 1969 in the African Brothers (with Tony Tuff and Derrick Howard), Sugar Minott has released hit tunes like “No Cup No Broke” in 1974 and his first major hit, “Vanity” in ‘78. Sugar’s 1979 debut album – Live Loving, has often been called the first Dancehall album.

Hit after hit followed with songs like “Run Come”, “Not For Sale”, “African Girl”, “Lover’s Rock”, “Africa”, “In A Dis Ya Time”, and “Make It With You”. A cover of Michael Jackson’s “Good Thing Going” was his first number one hit in England. He returned to Dancehall and Roots Reggae with the album Herbsman Hustling. Sugar’s Rub A Dub Sound Style album is considered by many to be the first Ragga recording.

Sugar Minott is without peer in the Reggae music industry. He was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. After finishing school he began selling records and formed his own sound system, Black Roots, from which the internationally acclaimed Youth Promotion evolved.

Among the artists Sugar is known for producing and mentoring are Yami Bolo, Tristan Palmer, Little John, Captain Sinbad, Tenor Saw, Nitty Gritty, Junior Reid, Colourman, Daddy Freddy and Garnett Silk – who recorded his first song for the Black Roots label.

With over sixty albums and hundreds of singles to his credit, Sugar has over thirty years of hit-making experience and has performed all over the world. He has worked for all of Jamaica’s top producers such as George Phang, Sly & Robbie, Philip “Fatis” Burrell, Channel One, Prince Jammy and Donovan Germain, to name a few. His biggest tunes include “Herbsman Hustling”, “No Vacancy”, “Jamming In The Street”, “Rub A Dub Sound”, “Buy Off The Bar”, “Rydim”, “Devil’s Pickney” and “Hard Time Pressure”. Sugar Minott is the truly original Reggae Dancehall superstar who continues to shine and inspire more and more youth coming into their own.


The Lover’s Rock of the West Coast,-Latino–Hawaiian-Filipino-Jamaican Reggae music.The Hawaiiano,  Dubbed into Space,by the Legends of Reggae Music.  Born in 1970, Dreadlock Neftali, with family from Hawaii and the Mainland.  A world traveler, he has studied with college under his belt of cultural and American music. Drums and percussion (African, Latino, Cuban , Nyabingi, and Island Drumming), with some of the best drummers,in the world. Elders of Reggae, shamans, and  Legendary Rastafarian-Poet-Original RAS Michael’s Nyabingi Specialist.  Singer, songwriter, Lyon Rowland -“Roars like The Conquering Lion of Judah” .The Music Connection and HighTimes  in 1999 says,”””  Humanity and Love”””, is What Hawaiian Lyon stands for, with his upmosthigh respect for Jah,and his need to repatuate the public on Mecinal Cannabis  .

Starting his record label in 1988, Upmosthigh Records was on the road to Zion. In 1994, Lyon re- introduced the first of his many CDs” LYON EYES”,while building his All- Star band, The Ragga SoulJahs, with the help of Thomas Walker and Hopeton Brown a.k.a. “The Scientist”, All-Star Engineer from Kingston, Jamaica’s King Tubby’s Channel One Studios.  In that time Lyon has gone on tour with Legendary singers and bands like: Eek-A-Mouse,War,Lester Chambers, Don Carlos, Ras Michael,General Jah Mikey, Aswad, Mikey Dread, U-Roy, Franky Paul, The Itals, Sugar Minott, Matisyahu, Dub Cat, H.R. of Bad Brains, Fishbone,Mrs Triniti, TrulioDiscrasious, Mr.Green All-Stars,Horce Andy, Mr.Beenie, Rekrap,Banyon, E-40, and many others.Festivals like: Sierra Nevada music Festival,SunSpash tour,Bob Marly day Birday celebration,Mt.Fugi Fest, High Times Cannabis Fest Amstardam,Playboy Jazz fest,HempFest in Washington,Hawaiian Sea Splash Reggae Fest,France,Germany,Spain,Brazil,Costarica,Africa,Mexico ,and  many many more.Now the owner of Upmosthigh Records,and 50% owner of the Wild Wild West Reggae Dub Tour,

A child of the sun, armed with his Aloha Spirit, Hawaiian Lyon released his much acclaimed most recent album, “Walking On A Red Road,” in 2003.  Engineered once again by the Scientist, with hits like “Walking on A Red Road” and “Mi Infamera de Noche” (the Spanish version of Gregory Isaacs’ classic “Night Nurse”), Mixed by Bruce Caplan of Big Mountain. Hawaiian Lyon Claimed his spot as the King of West Coast and Islands Reggae with his unique and powerful sound.Working with famous Jamaican producers .While working on a song, with The Dread at the Controls,” Mikey Dread”.Sly and Robby ,Santa Davis , Jamaicas legendary  drummer.Hailey Maskell Original bass player of  The Rastafarians,Waddi Gadd on drums of Don carlos,George Hughes on Keys from The Soul Syndicate band ,with The Fully Fullwood band.Horns by Tower of Power and Ital Horns(Balboa).,Unity Horns,Freddy Flynt-Gitz- & Josh Cardinaly,gitz of Ras Michael,and Eek-A-Mouse.Mr.Beenie from Clarendon Jamaica (Dancehall King).Dylan Judah of the Black Judah.(Dancehall singer),Backgrround singers of Lauren Hill and Mrs Triniti who sang a lead Dancehall version on Walking on a Red Road.too many to mention!

Look!! for the Hawaiian Lyon’s 10th  new album” Dubbers Rock”, a 30 song masterpiece of unique Dub, Reggae, Dancehall, Reggaeton, and Hip-Hop in his famous Island Style, sure to explode on the scene in 2007.  Hawaiian Lyon’s has tracked on hundreds of albums :singing,drumming producing and arranging. He’s currently tracking at the Record plant in Hollywood ,with Snoop Dog ,Tupac,and Sublimes Engineer “Dave Aron “.:Blunt Brothers, ——–Awaiting to Mix the DUB ,The Scientist.


Kennel Allen aka Admiral Tibet was born in the parish of St. Mary where he attended the Free Hill Primary and Port Maria Secondary Schools respectively. As a young child growing up, he always had a keen interest in music. He started performing on sound systems in and around his vicinity at a tender age.

Having listened to a wide variety of music, he credits veterans Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs as being his greatest influences.

At the urging of family and friends who recognized his talent, he worked diligently to develop his music skills.

In 1985, Tibet did his first recording for producer Sherman Clacher, entitled “Babylon War” on the Arabic and King International label. This recording gave him recognition locally and internationally. Another single “Leave People Business” produced by Winston Riley on the Techniques label, was an instant hit, followed by “Serious Time” which was recorded for producer Lloyd James on the King Jammys label and was later remixed with two times Grammy winner Shabba Ranks and the Don Gorgon Ninjaman on the MPLA rhythm. This song was also a major hit. Following these hit songs, in 1989 Tibet performed on Jamaica’s biggest stageshow, The Reggae Sunsplash, where on Dancehall Night he thrilled thousands of spectators and was recognized as a top performer of the night. Soon after, Tibet was awarded by The Rockers Awards- “Performer of the Year”. Having gained this status, Admiral Tibet was now booked on most of the major shows in Jamaica, such as Rebel Salute, Sting and The Reggae Sumfest.

In the following years, Tibet recorded for several producers a repertoire of original music reflecting a conscious roots, cultural awareness with social commentary. In the year 2000, he recorded “Gone Crazy” for producer Bobby Digital which was a chart mover for several weeks, followed by “Couldn’t Believe It” for artist/producer Sugar Roy on the Fireball label, which also hit the charts. To date, Tibet has recorded nine albums including “Coming to the Light” in 1987 for King Jammys, “Babylon War” for producer Sherman Clacher and “Leave People Business” for producer Winston Riley.

Admiral Tibet has toured extensively in the United States, Europe, Japan and the Caribbean. With a message of unity and love, Admiral Tibet continues to captivate audiences and leave them craving for more.


Jamaica’s rich musical history has often been characterized by large families in which heredity plays a significant part. There is now a female progeny of a prominent performer making her mark on the scene as an artist – Fire Pashon, the daughter of Reggae music legend Lincoln “Sugar” Minott. Fire Pashon has a new CD out on The Black Roots label called Flames that is currently creating disturbance.

Born Tamar Minott in Kingston, Pashon’s exposure to the music world began at a tender age in the stimulating atmosphere of her father’s fame and profile in their community. Her dad operated a small studio from their home and also owned a sound system called Youthman Promotion, which would play in their yard every Thursday night. Growing up in this environment gave Pashon the opportunity to witness artists like Junior Reid, Yami Bolo, Tenor Saw, Tony Rebel and Garnett Silk in performance firsthand on and off the stage. Early exposure to the music business and the entertainment world helped to nurture her talent. At age eight, she recorded her first single, “Reggae the Beat” with her brothers and younger sister. She has continued to record and recently voiced a song on the ‘Chrome’ riddim entitled “Real Fire Woman”. The video release for this song is getting rave reviews and is doing well.

No stranger to the stage, Pashon has performed on major shows in Jamaica including Sting, Reggae Sumfest, Sashi, CME, Reloaded, East Fest and Spectrum. This high-spirited Aries attributes her success to the influence of her father, as well as Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Wayne Wonder, Sister Carol and Lauren Hill. Pashon is blazing the path for a new generation of loyal fans by expressing uplifting themes of heartfelt unity in her music. Pashon is coming on strong as a female artist in this time.


Overton Brown was only 16 years old when producer/performer Errol “Don” Mais discovered and used the considerable talents of this adolescent dub whiz. Born in Kingston in 1960, the Scientist learned basic electronics from his TV repairman father, skills that made him very popular with the mobile DJs and their not-always-functioning sound systems. A friend suggested he visit the legendary dub producer/mixer King Tubby, not to remix records, but to get some transformers by which Scientist could build his own amplifiers. Soon the Scientist was an employee of Tubby’s, fixing transformers and televisions, when one day, after an animated conversation about mixing records, Tubby challenged the Scientist to take a shot at remixing a record. Brimming with adolescent bravado, Scientist took Tubby’s challenge, and that led to an extended apprenticeship in dub experimentation under Tubby’s guidance. It was while at Tubby’s that the Scientist developed his idiosyncratic dub style, playful and very psychedelic, loaded with echo explosions and blasts of feedback, a sound that caught the attention of Don Mais, who overheard the Scientist at the mixing board during a visit to Tubby’s studio. With Mais supervising the production, Scientist, now all of 18, cut some wicked dub sides for the Roots Tradition label. At the end of the ’70s, Scientist (now also referred to as “The Dub Chemist”) left Tubby’s to become the main engineer at Channel One Studios, and working with Henry “Junjo” Lawes, cut some best-selling dub LPs, only to leave for the greener pastures of Tuff Gong in 1982.

Many newer fans discovered his music when his 1981 album Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires was used on the soundtrack for the popular videogame Grand Theft Auto III (2001). The tracks on the fictitious radio station K-Jah are composed entirely of songs from this album.


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