It’s a real Rebelution!

Ever since Tanya released ‘Rebelution’ the album has been receiving rave reviews both locally and on the international scene. Her most recent kudos came in Miami Herald where writer Evelyn McDonnell praised the album. According to her Tanya Stephens gets deep. After a little girl-power boasting, some sexy love songs, and a couple should-be-classic drinking ditties. Musically, Stephens mixes roots ballads and dutty rock, dancehall edge and even a touch of bebop. She writes the lyrics herself, mostly working with producer Andrew Henton. It’s an album that reggae fans will eat up, but Rebelution should catch a fire with hip-hop, rock and world music listeners — with anyone who can appreciate a good song, a soulful singer and smart lyrics.”The critics have spoken and the public is responding accordingly! ‘Rebelution’ is sitting pretty at the top of both the New York and South Florida Charts. It is also the number one album on the Jamaican chart. The lead off single ‘These Streets’ is also in the number two spot on the local charts. The Rebelution continues as Tanya will leave for South Florida next week where she will be ‘Up Close and Personal’ with her fans. 

TEL: JA. (876) 877-5956
TEL: USA (347) 394-5801


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