Horace Andy with Sly and Robbie Western Tour 2007

Veteran reggae artist Horace Andy teams with the legendary Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang including Bubbler and Darrel and the engineers Bulby and Junior, for an exclusive West Coast tour now booking from the third week of January through the first half of February, 2007.

Known internationally since 1991 as the voice of trip-hop favorites Massive Attack, Horace Andy has one of the most distinctive tenors in all of modern music. A reggae hit-maker for over 30 years, his songbook for producers Clement Dodd, Bunny Lee, Mad Professor, and many more, is one of the great chapters in Jamaican music history. Between tours with Massive Attack, Horace has recently been in the studio working on a new album with the great Sly and Robbie to be released this summer.  “I’m Alive”, a preview track from their forthcoming collaboration can be heard @ www.myspace.com/slyandrobbie

Sly and Robbie, affectionately known as the Riddim Twins, are perhaps the premiere architects of the modern sound of Jamaican music.  Building on the cornerstones of Studio 1 and other early pioneers of the Jamaican recording industry, Sly and Robbie became the driving force behind the fabled Channel 1 sound that dominated reggae throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Subsequent work, most notably with Peter Tosh and Black Uhuru, set the pace for the changing sound of reggae in the post-Bob Marley era.  Their stellar playing and production work have also graced albums for a host of international artists including, among many, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, and No Doubt.

For bookings contact Peter Wardle of Kings Music International at (510) 326-8445 or e-mail reggaeangl@aol.com


Born Horace Hinds, 19 February 1951, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. This artist was affectionately renamed Andy as a tribute to Bob Andy, in respect of their mutual songwriting abilities, by Coxsone Dodd.  Horace, also known as Sleepy, has always been a favored vocalist among reggae fans, and his eerie, haunting style has been imitated endlessly by scores of lesser talents over the years.

It was his work with Dodd that established his reputation. His career at Studio One began with the single “Something On My Mind”, and eventually resulted in the classic “Skylarking”, one of reggae’s biggest hits. From the mid­70s onwards, after leaving Studio One, Andy has worked with many important reggae producers in Jamaica, America, and England. In the process, he has recorded literally hundreds of records, most of which are now only available on rare 45s, although some of the high points of his work with Dodd, Bunny Lee and Wackies are still available.

Skylarking: The Best Of Horace Andy, released in 1996 on Massive Attack’s Melankolic label, is an excellent compilation of the artist’s work. Horace later returned to the studio in late 1999 to record new material, released on the Melankolic set as Living In The Flood in late 1999 and produced by the great Clive Hunt featuring Chinna Melchezidek Smith on guitar.


Working first as part of the Aggrovators for Bunny Lee, this pair has become the backbone of reggae. Along with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, they would be on the mount Rushmore of reggae. Sly & Robbie are Jamaica’s most prolific drum and bass duo: since they started working together in 1975, they have played on an estimated 50,000 tracks. They have backed and produced virtually everyone on Jamaica, from Peter Tosh to Sean Paul. They created their TAXI label in 1979 because they wanted more freedom to experiment do their own thing.

Today, TAXI represents one of the biggest Reggae and Dancehall catalogs in Jamaica, featuring artists like Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Chaka Demus & Pliers… They have introduced so many changes in the Jamaican sound over the years that, under their influence, Jamaica’s current sounds have very little in common with those of a few years ago. The Revolution never ends in Kingston, and Sly & Robbie are at its forefront! Sly & Robbie have introduced the non-Reggae public to their heavy yet melodic sound by producing international artists like Bob Dylan, Grace Jones, Joe Cocker, No Doubt, the Fugees, Sinead O’Connor and countless others. They just finished touring with Sinead O’Connor, are finishing the production of Horace Andy’s next album and are about to start the production of Bitty McLean’s highly anticipated next album. Then more concerts with Sinead… No rest for the wicked…drum+bass extrordinaire!


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