Vegas Coming at you with ‘Raging Bull’

Music confuse me…too much bad songs out there!” are the words coming from the singjay that is tearing up the dancehall scene right now with ‘Hot Wuck’. From the vibes coming out of the dancehall Hot Wuck seems to be the “maddest, baddest ting out deh now!”
And no one is enjoying those vibes more than Vegas.  He is now gearing up to unleash “a new ting” on the massive and dancehall fans had better gear up for it!
Vegas has teamed up with Over Mars from the Ravers Clavers dancers for ‘Raging Bull’. The singjay is very excited about it as he says the dancers have already created a dance that will be busting the place for it. He was all fired up to launch it but had a slight set back as one of the dancers was injured. Vegas also has another song ‘Teck Wey Yuhself’ and according to him “it a come wid crazy vibes!”
Two weeks ago it was sheer pandemonium in Grenada where Vegas performed. When he drew for ‘Do You Know’
Fans went crazy.
“I’m getting crazy love from the massive, I have no complaints,” Vegas commented happily.

TEL: JA. (876) 8775956
TEL: USA (347) 3945801


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