Reggae Cd Review: Baby Cham – Ghetto Story

Oh Gosh, Where do i start …

Its gonna have to be with Ghetto Story on the 85 riddim !! Boom! BIG BIG BIG chune, and probably chams best known.

Also on the album are Ghetto Story Chapter 1 and 2 which feature Akon and Alicia Keys long side Baby Cham.

And just as u thought the Ghetto Story could get no bigger!!

These chunes are globally massive in so many of the clubs and so many artist a follow on this riddim. Cham set a way n move forward.

Next track mi must mention is “Rude Boy Pledge” on the Stage Show Riddim woieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Da man know how to buss a lyric let me tell u, and he nuh forget his roots.

“I cannot 4get where I come from, no mount a money can change man, still blaze the skunk, but sum leave the ghetto, get rich n turn punk”

Other tracks feature pon the album be:

Fat Punnany
Boom Boom
Dont Test Me
Talk To Me
Bad Boys
Wah Dem A Seh Now
Love It like That
Vitamin S

Baby Cham equivalant to a pink fizzy alchohol beverage should mebbe change his name to Jamaican Rum, cos he a hit hard, strong n mash up everyting !!

Its to late, they cant stop him now. So go purchase the album quick time before it a sell off !!


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