Bambu Station Gets 5 Star Rating!

(WASHINGTON, D.C.)  Bambu Station, the dynamic roots reggae band from the Virgin Islands, was recently featured on ( To view the source article and read previous reviews of Bambu Station and other outstanding reggae music across the world, click:

Every situation is a chance to grow,” sings Jalani Horton. The first four songs on “Break the Soil” make it clear that Bambu Station has grown more experimental and eclectic since its classic album One Day. “Brotherhood” is straight-ahead roots in the classic Bambu Station style, but “Beloved People,” with its meditative flute intro, heralds new musical directions. The next track, “I Rememba,” has a jazzy groove that is more playful and breezy than the somber tones we have come to expect from Bamb Station. “Sense Enemy” recalls 1970s-era roots, but with a modern twist, as Horton’s vocals provide counterpoint against powerful spoken-word poetry. The remainder of the album continues to expand the band’s sound. “Chance to Grow” features lead vocals from Reemah, who sweetens the song with her sugary voice. “Who? (Litany of Liars)” may be the best song on the album. It is a stunning combination of deep roots rhythms and delicate harmonies. “Bird’s I View” features more airy jazz and Tuff Lion’s gorgeous guitar playing. Break the Soil is another masterpiece from Bambu Station. Every track sparkles. The music is more expansive and more richly-textured than on One Day, with no drop off in quality or consistency. Simply put, this album is massive, and not to be missed.


To securely purchase this “masterpiece” click here Promotional copies and interviews are available upon request. Booking inquiries should be made with Mt. Nebo Records Tour Manager Hector Rosario at or 1-678-887-1912.


Sun., Oct. 29 – Bohemian Cavern, 11th & U St., NW, Washington, DC

Wed., Nov 1 – Strathmore Institute Mansion, 10701 Rockville Turnpike, North Bethesda, MD, 7:30 – 9:00pm.

Mon., Nov. 6 – Bohemian Cavern, Washington DC (with Ijah Menelik, Ras Dream I & Naima J.)

Wed., Nov. 29 – Strathmore Institute Mansion, 10701 Rockville Turnpike, North Bethesda, MD, 7:30pm – 9pm.

* January – February West Coast Dates now being accepted.


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