Tad’s Records drops Turbulance’s ‘Silly Girl’

Turbulance’s debut album for Tad’s Records International, ‘X-Girlfriend‘, continues to create a big impact on the international entertainment scene.although it was only released a few weeks ago.

Already two singles from the album, ‘Ital Stew’ and the title track ‘X-Girlfriend’, have been released and have made their way up several charts, as well as dominating the airwaves and the dancehalls. In fact, the music video for ‘X-Girlfriend’ was recently shot on locations across Jamaica, so look out for it on the music video channels.

Now Tad’s Records has released another single, ‘Silly Girl’, which will further cement the theme of the 18-track album ‘X-Girlfriend’ in the minds of music lovers. ‘Silly Girl’ has already hit two major charts in Jamaica, and with its popularity, it is expected that it will make all the major charts and possibly reach the number one position. In ‘Silly Girl’, Turbulance sings, “Hey silly girl I was not to be played with/If you didn’t mean it why you say it/Disrespect me you’re on your own.”

Since his emergence on the music scene, Turbulance has created a comfortable niche for himself. With his haunting delivery of ‘Notorious’ he started as he means to continue – grabbing the attention of music lovers. peace
TEL: JA. (876) 8775956
TEL: USA (347) 3945801


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