Mushiya’s Corner November 2006: What we need is “Peace, Love and Unity”


It has been months since I’ve invited you all to my African, Caribbean, Reggae Corner. (smile). My heart just have not been into the music lately. I needed to take a step back. Trust me I’ve received your numerous calls and emails. (Really, you can stop now). Just teasing, keep on calling and writing. It’s nice to feel missed. (smile).  I do aprecilove the Love and Concern from each and everyone of you; I can assure you I’m still alive and doing well, traveling a lot to the various Islands in the Caribbean; Jamaica and the USVI and generally taking a little up front sabbitacal from the Reggae scene. I am continually working however in the background,attending Culture events etc.

I will have several African, Reggae, Caribbean Happenings updates for you all commencing Dec 1, 2006: including

Inner Visions Reggae Band  (, Reggae Roots Legend Mikey Dread ( Mackie Conscious (, P’ta mon (, Errol Blackwood ( ,Quest 5 (Mobay), Acoustic Africa, Tunde Obazee and Code Red Band, Clive @ Africa Rhytms ( and Delroy Headley with Rising Sun along with many more… also included will be happenings on the KNON 89.3 Irie FM Reggae DJ Crew as well as their annual thanks for the many who’s supported theire programming this year.( . More about the Club selector DJ’s who are locking down Dancehall in the Dallas Ft. Worth Area: The Gambia’s own DJ Ebou’s More Fyah Crew (www.morefyahcom) in December: I am very proud to give you some straight talk from our very own Reggae Radio DJ Selector – Jah Larry – Tuesday Night’s Rebel Reggae International. (I was honored to personally interview him and get some much needed history regarding the Reggae Radio beginnings in Dallas). I am likely proud of the accomplishments of my brethren straight from Kingston yaad, Jamaican MC Steady Rankin along with Big Boy and Jah Youth Sound ( – trust me when I say Steady and crew brings that Pure Yardie Jamaican magic to the Dallas Dancehall Scene on Friday nights at the Caribbean Grill. It’s like a scene from New York City: Patrons are lined up around the corner to get in!!!

The year 2006 found us with many losses in the Reggae World: With the passing of Reggae Singers:Culture’s – Joseph Hill and Desmond Dekker to name a couple. All of our fallen brothers will be missed.  Beenie man also suffered a loss with the passing of his brother Brian (senselessly). No one is ammune to the passing of love ones, I myself suffered personal losses in 2006.  KNON 89.3 Irie FM Dallas Radio DJ Crew also suffered a loss of the man who personally brought African/Caribbean/Reggae Radio to Dallas – FT. Worth area. The Original 89.3 Irie FM African, Caribbean, Reggae Radio DJ DJ Eric Owusu. Our heartfelt love and prayers goes out to their families.

Give Thanks for my Personal Savior: DJ Culture C – based out of St. James, Jamaica. Thanks for the many hours of reasoning and for your strength and the much needed guidance. I will always be greatful for the love and attention and the hours you spent with me while I was in and and out of Jamaica the last 4 months. Thanks for not allowing me to give up on the industry Our culture, our music – “Reggae”. Thanks, for shining a bright light of hope through my tunnel of pain.

The many deaths this year made me think of the song “Where do we go from here”? (Not Ed Robinson’s song, even though it’s of the same title) to summarize the song it goes; where do we go from here? In the World where there are syns and tears. In this world of confusion, it’s hard to steer away from sinking sand; In this time of tribulation and desturbing souls, people living in fear, leaders just don’t care. It goes on to say “My heart cries out, but from my eyes not a single tear’. Where do we go right now? the cry is everywhere, poor man in despair, people just don’t care. We have to make a change, make it better, we have to rearrange; we have to make it right, right now. Look to the Guidance of JAH! Jah see’s your trials, knows your limitations! Look to JAH, is where we should go from here.

Not so much the death of my family members sent me into despair, it’s the fighting and injustices I see surrounding Reggae Music in the U.S. I don’t see this same type of dysfunction in Jamaica, I do realize that Jamaica is not perfect, but I also see a strong negative undercurrent in Reggae in the U.S. That is what is contaminating the true message of “Love”.  Where is the “Peace, Love and Unity”.  Reggae is not just about, how much money you can make.

It’s about true “Love, peace and Unity” and respect for our brothers, whether they are million dollar generating entertainers or not.   Reggae is not a music to separate people, it is generated to bring people together in Love and Unity. I just wish, those who are spinning Reggae, would also stop the madness, search out how you are communicating the music to your listening audience. Remember that you are the force that is bringing the music to the people via airwaves, it is your responsibility to maintain the integrity of the Music – Reggae.

I say this because, I grow tired of listening to the negativity from ones who are spinning the music. Unfortunately, I’m in a position, that I am inuadated with the Bad and the Ugly… for example:  a couple months back I recieved a call from a female Reggae Radio DJ. The conversation in itself was depressing, from the time, she opened her mouth, there was nothing but, slackness and negatively coming out. She constantly berated her shows co-hosts,especially the other female co-host, in the most vulgar of ways imaginable. What makes it so bad is when you tune in to their Radio program you would think it was all about “peace,love and harmony”. It’s all a façade. I Thank JAH everyday, that they are not Jamaican Reggae Radio DJ’s.

All I have to say is (From George Nooks song).  If you think his majesty is sleeping you better think twice! He will never allow Babylon to mash down Zion’s eye..

It takes very little energy to be Position, very little energy to show love, meditate on life and show respect for each other and lets get on with REGGAE RUNNINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a positive manner.

Give Thanks to two of my special sisters in Reggae:

DJ. Sister Yasmin Girl!!!! – Crucial Dance Riddim’s KMFB FM -California –  I know your struggle continues, just know you are an inspiration to a whole lot of us!!! (smile)

Reggae TV Queen – Carmelita Harris Irie Vision/Worldbeat TV San Francisco California – You bring a honesty to the Reggae Business, keep being yourself, mini skirts and all. LOL – No, you are not a Rasta Woman and You don’t pretend (so many pretenders out there), you are, who you are with the Highest of Integrity, the Singers Love you up!! Nuff Respect!!!

Special Happening December 2, 2006:

DJ Mike D Magician Annual Christmas Party, featuring Live on Stage the First Impressions @ the Caribbean Grill, 3068 Forest Lane: corner of Forest Lane and Webb Chapel. Doors open at 10PM – for more information call:972-230-1745. – The Trini Man has a definite plan for you to Party in a Caribbean Atmosphere.  Since the Trini Man can’t get enough of the Jamaican The Queen’s will be in the houseMushiya and Amy.

Ky-Mani Marley and Spragga Benz, Jamaican Movie Veteran – Paul Campbell – in “Shottas”!

I am one of those guilty ones, who had a pre-showing month’s ago of the Jamaican Movie “Shottas” starring  Ky-mani Marley, Spragga Benz along with Veteran Jamaican Actor – Paul Campbell.  Yes, I am guilty,however I will still go out and pay to see the Movie on big Screen to support my brothers!! and Jamaica filming. Hey, I have been a fan of Paul Campbell for many years and will pay to see him on the big screen in a play anywhere, he’s just simply a delicious actor, with a wide range, he can play serious, comedy anything, he is just all around versatile and a joy to watch! I was however, really surprised by Kymani and Spragga, man, Spragga and Ky-mani together put the DU in Dynamic Duo, they played Kingston Rude Boys to to hilt!!!  So belivable, you will probabably, watch your back when they are around. (not necessary (smile), just superb acting… Ky-mani and Spragga – big things a coming to you darlings!

Hmmm 10 years ago: just remember 10 years ago I said to you all,watch out for KY-Mani, he has a presence, a definite presence, not just the singing.  Ky-mani is a naturally superb Actor and drop dead gorgeous!! with undeniable sex appeal, it’s all in the eyes…(Ky-mani speak volumes with his eyes) – at times you have to take a double take, as some expressions are so much like his dad’s – Bob Marley.  I probably watched Shottas 20 times and still can’t get enough.  Spragga Benz and Ky-mani are superb in their roles, and Paul, lawd (let me catch my breath) can you get any BETTER!!!.  If I did not realize that they were acting, I would definitely shake in my boots, they bring those characters to KINGSTON RUDE BOY LIFE.  There is a lot of violence in this movie, but it’s still worth seeing, the story line, is too real, the acting is way past SUPERB!!! I’m not going to give a way the plot.

Also starring is: Louie Rankin, Ningaman and Wyclef. A must see Movie. Director: Cess Silvera

Support Jamaican Movies and catch “Shottas“!


Queen Mushiya


Jobe Enterprises
P.O. Box 600542
Dallas, Texas 75360-0542



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