Reggae CD Review: Roger Robin – Take It Slow

Album: Take It Slow
Artist: Roger Robin
Genre: Lovers Rock
Label: VP
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5
South East Londen born Roger Robin (a.k.a Roger Williams) started of at the age of eleven! An man a tell yuh…him voice is a real joy fi listen to!

The influence of Maxi Priest a.o. are surely there, but still him a have him own sound! Though throughout di CD mi a hear sounds, that a put I through memory land’’HONOUR DI ROOTS INNA DI PRESENT FI INSURE DI FUTURE … just listen very carefull an yuh a go hear wa mi a seh 😉

Undiluted (1993) ( his debut album) wich was rewarded with  many rewards, among dem di BRITISH REGGAE INDUSTRIES BEST REGGAE ALBUM AWARD.
Other albums,… I See Jah, Reflections, Robin…..aah yuh know just check: fi all a di material di sweet voiced breddaman made.

For tunes pon dis album like, “Harbouring Love,” “Brand New Crisis” (I favourite, what a scorcher!) “My God is Real,” “Rest and Pray” an so many others…this cd is a must have I tell yuh all. Yuh know weh fi find it 😉

Want to end this review by paying I man  Raspec to di Man Roger Robin…Keep up di Vibes!

                                    Blessed love pon yuh all,…Icerely
                                                    I Jahlive I


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