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Vegas’s ‘Hot Wuk’ Number One On All Three Major Charts

There seem to be no stopping Vegas’ ‘Hot Wuk’! The song is now number one on all three major charts in Jamaica – Hype TV, Re TV, and ER. Ever since its release the song has been breaking all musical boundaries as it was gobbled up in the dancehall and embraced by the girls. But that is not surprising as Vegas has often claimed that his lyrics are for the girls.

Coming out of 2006 and going into 2007 Vegas is still maintaining a dominant presence in the dancehall. His latest song ‘Gangsta Law’ one of the big tunes on the very hot Taxi riddim (which Buju Banton’s ‘Driver’ is on) is getting some crazy hype right now.

Another song that is enjoying a lot of love on the international scene is ‘Lean Wit It’ which is recorded on the Darker Shade riddim. Incidentally both ‘Gangsta Law’ and ‘Lean Wit It’ are produced by the Riddim Twins who are considered geniuses in the business – Sly & Robbie. There definitely seem to be some musical chemistry between Vegas and the riddim twins.

Coming out of a very busy season which saw him working on most of the major shows of the Christmas season starting with Island Explosion held at Tigar Mart in May Pen on Christmas eve, he had the ladies eating out of the palm of his hand. Christmas Day saw Vegas at Magnum GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza in St. Elizabeth creating hovoc. It was total pandemonium when he along with the Magnum Dancers did the Hot Wuck!

The singjay moved on to Sting on Boxing day where he totally wowed the thousands that turned out. He was so good that they had to call him back on stage to give the people more!

Vegas will kick off the New Year with Unity Splash, scheduled to be held on January 1 in Westmoreland. And the girls had better be prepared – he will be coming musically armed for them!

TEL: JA. (876) 8775956
TEL: USA (347) 3945801


New Years Eve Bash with Kevin Lyttle

This e-mail is to extend an invitation to “You and Yours” to attend our New Years Eve Bash on Sunday December 31st 2006. Our featured host and performer that night will be Kevin Lyttle doing his hit single “Turn Me On”. There will be a Champagne toast at midnight so come early and dress to impress.Advanced Purchase of Tickets is $35 per person & $50 per couple. Prices at the door will be the same until 10:30pm, after which the price will increase. So come early!!!

Our goal at Karibbean city is to provide our patrons with a bit of the cool Caribbean vibe in the Bay Area. The management and staff extend best wishes and a warm thank you to all that have supported us in 2006. We hope that you will join us in bringing in a healthy and prosperous 2007 for all and we also look forward to your continued support in 2007!

Dec 31, 2006
9:00 PM PST
Kevin Lyttle with DJS: Toks, Common Sensi (Groove Unlimited/, and Black Love Sound
$35 per person & $50 per couple
Karibbean City (more details)
1408 Webster St @ 14th
Oakland, CA

The Abyssinians Touring Western Us And Canada March, April 2007

The Abyssinians vocal trio is touring America again. With Bernard Collins, Donald Mannings and David Morrison, this is a highly talented respected vocal group with deep spiritual vibrations, good intentions and a higher purpose. This is the vocal trio that produced the reggae national anthem – Satta Massagana. The Abyssinians are the roots of reggae music. “He will take us by the hand. And lead us to that wonderland. If you can’t be good, be careful. And do the best you can. Yimasgan hula gize. Glory to Jah, let him be praised.”
Interested parties contact Kings Music International.

Biography: The Abyssinians

The roots harmony vocal trio, the Abyssinians was formed in 1968 in Jamaica by founding members Donald Manning, Bernard Collins and Linford Manning. In 1969, they released “Satta Massagana” recorded on Coxson Dodd’s Studio One label—a Rastafarian hymn speaking of Ethiopia. “Satta Massagana was a hit that has become an anthem worldwide and launched The Abyssinians into the ranks of International stardom. “Satta Massagana” has became one of reggae’s most popular songs. It has also been covered by many other top artists such as Third World and Don Carlos. What followed was a string of hits including “Declaration of Rights,” “Yi Mas Gan.” and “Let My Days Be Long”. The early albums were collections of singles recorded throughout the 1970’s on their own label, Clinch. From the early to mid-70s, the Abyssinians recorded sparingly, but the quality of the group’s work was remarkable.

The Abyssinians’ first full album was recorded in 1976 and is regarded as one of the greatest in the history of Jamaican music. The sessions were supervised by Clive Hunt and resulted in the album known both as Forward Onto Zion and Satta Massagana. Every track exudes the spiritual essence of the Abyssinians. The group’s Africentric lyrics were crystallized on virtually every cut on the album, and it featured remakes of “Satta,” “Declaration of Rights,” and “Y Mas Gan.” Donald Manning’s masterpiece “African Race” is one of the defining compositions of the album and of the group’s career. After a seductively beautiful acoustic guitar solo by Mikey Chung, the song erupts into a chilling roots anthem. The lyrics speak with pride of their African heritage and of their survival of slavery. Regrettably, the tapes were pirated, and the album didn’t see legitimate release until Heartbeat (US) and Blue Moon (France) released it in the mid-90s.

Despite the illegitimate release of the Clive Hunt sessions, the success of the “Tenayistillin” single in England gained the Abyssinians enough credibility with Virgin that the group became one of the crop signed to the UK giant in 1978. The fruit of the Virgin deal was the Arise album. Forward, released in 1982 by Alligator in the US, collected some early tracks like “Jerusalem” (b-side to the original “Satta” 45), “Mabrak,” “Peculiar Number,” several superb Bernard Collins solo cuts, plus “Forward Onto Zion” and the remake of “Satta,” both from the Clive Hunt sessions. In the late eighties, Donald, Bernard and Linford spent three years in serious recording sessions. The result of this work was another big album – $19.95 + TAX . In 1998, Artists Only! Records re-released this album as REUNION.

In the late 90’s Donald Mannings did some major US and European tours with his brother, Carlton Mannings and David Morrison. In 1999, Donald, Carlton and David did a thirty seven city North American tour with three of Donald’s sons, Judah, Prince and Andrew on bass, drums and keyboards. These same sons have gone on to become some of the top reggae musicians in the business. The shows were well received and well executed, but some people still longed to hear the original Bernard Collins voice.

In 2004, Donald Manning & Bernard Collins reunited after a ten-year hiatus along with David Morrison, on a European tour. Later that year they did Colorado’s Reggae on the Rocks a two-week tour along the California coast. In February and March of 2005 they did an extended tour of Europe, and in the summer of 2005 they toured the western US again. They also performed that year in the US with Bernard Collins at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, the Monterey Bay Reggae Festival and the Soul Rebel Festival.

Until Heartbeat Records reissued Satta Massagana (a.k.a. Forward Onto Zion) in 1993, few groups in reggae were more of an enigma than the Abyssinians. “Satta Massagana,” has been referred to as “reggae’s national anthem. ‘There is a land far, far away, where there’s no night, there’s only day. Look into the book of life, and you will see that there’s a land far, far away.’ “Satta Massagana” (meaning ‘give thanks’) is notable for its use of Amharic, the language of Ethiopia (Abyssinia). Donald Manning explains the Amharic in some of the group’s well-known compositions. “Tena Yi Stillin. Dina Igzhabhier Y Mas Gan. Satta Massagana.’ When I say ‘Dina’ means ‘good,’ ‘Igzhabier’ means ‘God,’ ‘Y Mas Gan,’ [means] ‘He may be praised. ‘Tena Yi Stillin’ means ‘greetings.’ It means ‘good morning.’ It means ‘good bye.’ It means ‘good afternoon.’ It means ‘health, may He give for thee.’”

The legendary “Satta” recording session included Leroy Sibbles on bass, Fil Callendar on drums, Eric Frater on guitar, Robbie Lyn on keyboards, Vin Gordon on trombone and Felix “Deadley Headley” Bennett on saxophone. The original “Satta” recording was ‘versioned’ (remixed and/or re-voiced) more than a dozen times, including the Abyssinians’ own remake “Mabrak,” a direct response to Joe Gibbs’ “A So.” Instrumentals included “Thunderstorm” featuring Bongo Herman, and several Tommy McCook/Vivien Hall horn overdubs including “Mandela.” Collins later re-voiced the song as “Satta Me No Born Yah.” Prince Far I, Big Youth, Dillinger and others also took shots at the rhythm. Since its debut in 1969, nearly every producer in reggae has remade “Satta,” and literally hundreds of remakes of the song exist. The Abyssinians were featured performing “Satta” in a capella style in the film Roots, Rock, Reggae in 1976 and again in Rockers in 1978. These are the only known film appearances of the original trio.

Carlton Manning’s (Donald’s older brother) key role in mentoring the Abyssinians is comparable to the role Joe Higgs played with the Wailers years earlier. Carlton Manning coached the trio in the minor chord harmony singing that would define its style, and he also taught Donald to play the guitar. Donald Manning recalls his brother’s efforts. “Most of the harmony that we sing, Carlton teach us, because me and Bernard was singing together and Carlton told me that because I was playing the guitar, Bernard will sing [more] leads than I do . . . so I must sing the harmony.” This minor chord harmony style characterized the Abyssinians unique sound. “[My] harmonies are mainly minor chords on a 7th, 9th, 13th [tertian (3rds)] harmony. If you know the [guitar], you deal with the chords and formulate the harmonies from there if the artists can take it. Minor chords are intricate. The scales are not the regular scales. You have to know what you’re doing musically. [That’s how] you get the Far Eastern sound.”

The Abyssinians have a distinct sound that is special and beloved. Fortunately for the world, Linford Mannings has been replaced for the live shows with an exceptionally talented replacement in David Morrison, so the trio is in top form to this day representing the roots of reggae music. “Glory to Jah, let him be praised.”

Contact: Peter Wardle
King’s Music International
Phone: (510) 326-8445 or online at

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consist of Richie Epps from Miami, Soul 1 from Seattle, HighTower from Connecticut, and the voice of Daddy Nikko from Brooklyn . In 2000, Richie Epps formed Rising Sun International and since then the sound released a dozen mix cd’s and some mad exclusive remixes. An has played along side such sounds as Black Chiney, Supa Twitch, Richie Pooh, Steelie Bashment and others. Rising Sun International has also performed with artist like Beenie Man, Buju Bantan, Morgan Heritage, Anthony B and many others. Combined this set has over 30 years experience in the sound business playing in more than 20 cities in the US and also overseas in London, Amsterdam, Bahamas, Costa Rica and Honduras. They are blessed to share their positive vibes and culture to millions through Big Up Radio that brings you the best and newest in Jamaican an Caribbean music daily.

Stay tuned!


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Edi Fitzroy’s New CD “Hold The Vibes” Now in Stores

December 2006 – San Jose, CA – Edi Fitzroy, long time conscious reggae veteran’s new album release “Hold The Vibes“, on rising Northern California record label King Step Recordings has been in the works for almost a decade and is being compared to many of his best records. The album features a classic acoustic vibe and superb vocals that are sure to last the test of time. It displays a conscious, explosive and energetic Edi Fitzroy. Edi has made his impact in the music industry with his songs of consciousness, and his new release “Hold The Vibes” continues the formula that has propelled him all these years.

Hold The Vibes” is featured in the top 20 albums in rotation (club & radio) as of 12/18/06. The CD can be heard on the radio  in Jamaica, the Caribbean, Florida, California, New York, Baltimore, Virginia, Portland, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, UK, Canada, Australia, Satellite radio and soon the planet. You can also hear it featured on If you do not hear it on your local Reggae radio station, please request it.

Hold The Vibes” can now be purchased in more than 70 stores. The CD is expected to be in more than 100 stores nationwide by the beginning of 2007. Here is a short list of stores where you can find Edi Fitzroy’s new album now:

Music Millennium – Portland, OR
Bop Street Records – Seattle, WA
Zion’s Gate Records – Seattle, WA
Boo Boo Records – San Luis Obispo, CA
Everyday Music  – Portland, OR, Seattle WA, Bellingham, WA
Amoeba Music – Bay Area and Los Angeles, CA
Wisdom Records – San Francisco, CA
Trade Roots Reggae – San Diego, CA
Silver Platters – Seattle, WA
Wild Planet- Ventura, CA
Independent Records – CO
Mad About Music – Lake Tahoe, CA and Reno, NV
Newbury Comics – MA, Vermont, NH, Maine, CN
Rasputin Music – SF Bay Area
CD Willy’s – Maynard, MA
Street Sounds – Los Angeles, CA

Edi Fitzroy’s new album “Hold The Vibes” can also be purchased online. Here are a few places to buy the new CD:

King Step Recordings (KSR) has signed with the Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA) to digitally distribute “Hold The Vibes”. Singles and ring tones from the CD can be purchased online everywhere as of January 1, 2007.

Here are the top 10 places to find digital singles and ring tones from “Hold The Vibes”: