CD Review: Ras D – Give Some Love Today

Album: Give Some Love Today
Artist: Ras D
Genre: Dancehall
Label: Ras D
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5
Di weh it mus be, first be praising his Majesty before anting else yuh nah see… without an any appology…


A dat how dis bredda start  up this album…Righteously! After that first one, he starts up something completely different MusicWise but the concious lyrics jus keep a flow!!! Roots Reggae, R&B, Dancehall an even some Pop, well  melted togetha as one.

Born inna Kingston Jamaica weh di air was always, filled wid di Reggae vibes. This bredda began writing him lyrics at a young age, so it wont come as a surprise to yuh (him being a social involved Ras) that this new album: “Give Some Love Today” is filled wid concious lyrics. Him a set up him messages inna di music inna perfect style mi tell yuh.

Songs included on this album are: Hail To The King, Peace Call, Its A Dirty Habit, Love and Devotion an so many more. An absolute scorcher on all levels!

Featuring artists on the album are Andrew Tosh (with whom him go to school fi take music class) Jr.Toots, and the voice of Brendan Munroe (him youngest son…so sweet!). Ras D now lives in California, an him is available for interviews an bookings, an as I would seh, check him…for this bredda star is rising! Check…aaah yuh all know di address;)

Jah Guidance an Itection be pon yuh all fi Iva I Pray!

Icerely I Jahlive I


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