Reggae CD Review: Lutan Fyah – Healthy Lifestyle

Album: Healthy Lifestyle
Artist: Lutan Fyah
Genre: Dancehall
Label: VP
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5
Like inna di first review I had the Honour to write bout an album by di breddaman Lutan Fyah… him nah mek it easy pon IJ.

Di review I man talk bout now is on the album called Time and Place (check it @ or @ Di bredda left mi with almost notin’ fi seh cause with da album deh…him a blow mi mind!

Him do it again with this one, mi tell yuh. But this time man a got something fi seh!

For with this ya one, and him variably Sweet an Rough voice, him set up yet another Scorcher album! With tunes like : THIEF IN JAH GARDEN, ROUGH A YARD, MAMA’S LOVE (tribute an honour to all a di Mother a Creation), NATURAL HERBS and di title tune HEALTHY LIFESTYLE an more, on this eleven track album…

Di conscious lyrics never stop to flow! (mi sure him a go touch yuh soul) and especially wid di number seven tune called CHILDREN ARE MINE (wish the  whole world would feel, an know this!)

Ova all, an album that belongs in yuh collection! Breddaman  Lutan Fyah, lookin’ forward to the next one keep di Fyah blazin an burn up di badness!

Rastafari, Guide an Itec all a di weh I pray!

                           Icere love an Raspec to yuh all,…one ras.


                                                   I Jahlive I


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  1. What a extra blog. Keep it up!

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