Reggae CD Review: Positively Nelsons – Wait A Minute

Album: Wait A Minute
Artist: Positively Nelsons
Genre: Roots
Label: Positive Nelsons
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5
Give thanx to di most high for granting di Nelson Sista’s di inspiration to set up yet another great album…Blessed!

Wait a minute is the second album by these sweet voiced Sisten, from St.Croix.

An mi haffi seh…I man love it….just like the first one called No More Tumbleweed (2005). I can hear how dem a grow from that time,but also that they had their share of problems/Difficulties/Hardship, as you can hear in the first tune of this album, which in a way is a biography (so very nicely done), but also a message to each an everyone who try fi pull dem down! Yuh all better know that them do what them a do…out of a passion, that HAS to come out! An I for one am a so happy that they utter their Irieness an Conciousness with their sweet Blessed innocent voices!

Bless yuh mi sistren an never give up yuh hear IJ
For with tunes like; A Father’s Role, Complexity of Life, Faith Is Up To You, A Love For Jah an many more di nelson sista’s a stand dem ground!  FI TRUE!

Check it, an find it to be more than worthy to be in yuh collection.

An know I Sistren, Jah truly on yuh side deh yuh hear…I Jahlive I seh soJ

I man Icerest an deepest love to yuh all.

I Jahlive I


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