Michael Franti live on Fabchannel.com

Watch the Amsterdam concert online for free

December 13th Michael Franti and his band Spearhead perform at a sold-out Paradiso in Amsterdam. This entire concert will be webcast live, in video and audio, on online-concert-channel Fabchannel.com. The webcast starts at 21:00 CET. Afterwards the concert will be included to the online video archive at www.fabchannel.com. Live as well as on demand the concert of Michael Franti and Spearhead is free for everybody to watch.

Wherever the San Francisco based Michael Franti comes, he brings love, peace and happiness and steals the hearts of everybody around him. With his infectious mix of hiphop, rock, soul, r&b and reggae, Franti fights all injustice in the world. In the early 90’s Michael Franti broke through with his band Spearhead. After the albums ‘Home’, ‘Stay Human’ and ‘Everyone Deserves Music’ Franti released ‘Yell Fire’ in 2006. Together with this record a book and DVD called ‘I Know I’m Not Alone’ were issued, on which he reports of his journey through Iraq, Israel and Palestine.

Fabchannel weekly broadcasts concerts from Paradiso and Melkweg on the internet. Besides live webcasts Fabchannel.com offers an extensive online video archive including over 600 concerts of artists like The Black Keys, Thomas Dybdahl, Keaton Simons, The Frames and Nikola Sarcevic.


Upcoming webcast:

13-12-2006        20:00 CET         :Michael Franti and Spearhead
17-12-2006        21:00 CET         :The Answer
20-12-2006        21:00 CET         :Corvus Corax
21-12-2006        21:00 CET         :The Nits
… and more

Check www.fabchannel.com for your local time.

More information:

Joost de Wit/Armand Sol
Fabchannel – Amsterdam, Holland
+31 (0)20-7960073


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