Reggae CD Review: Doctor Echo – Solange St. Croix Echo Everlastin’

Album: Solange St. Croix Echo Everlastin’
Artist: Doctor Echo
Genre: Dub
Label: Anicca
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5
This I must say…this is the first album that I had honour to do, which I could not listen to while writing  this review.

For Doctor Echo and Solange mesmorized I with their sound!
Never heared about the two a dem, but after this first upfull, joyfull, lovely meeting, I hope many  more a go follow!

All kinda style a music from all round the world so perfectly mixed by di Doctor.

Jazzy, African, you name it, di Dr got it J Dub extravaganza!
In combination with the sweet voiced Solange who whith her socially, conscious lyrics takes yuh into a mystic world. I could go in to details about weh dem from an all dem kinda king…but I wont.

Just want to pay I man Raspec to di Doctor an Solange deh!
And thank them for this conscious, surprising lovely an upfull trip. Man a tel yuh, if you are in to di Rootical/Psychedelic Dub, in combination with conscious lyrics, this album is a must for you, I for one am happy to have this one in I collection.

                               Bless yuh all inna di name a H I.M Everlasting…

                                            Icerly… I Jahlive I


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