Reggae CD Review: Sizzla – The Overstanding

Album: The Overstanding
Artist: Sizzla
Genre: Dancehall
Label: Kalonji / Damon Dash
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5
Dem cyaant keep this good man down for him as “Solid As A Rock,” notin nah a go stop him now!

After albums like, Royal Sons of Ethiopia (1999), Bobo Ashanti (2000) Rastafari Teach I Everything (2001) Ghetto Revolutionary (2002) Rise To The Occasion (2003) Brighter Day (2005) and so much more from this productive, Conscious Bobo Dread.

I man seh this one a di best (a  real OVERSTANDING I tell yuh).

I feel an hear, a completely different Sizzla Kalonji…Rastafari, man love it… fi real!

“Break Free” (such an upfull tune with a beat that just sets yuh up happy J). But allso tunes like: Solid As A Rock, Give me a try, Black Woman And Child, Beautifull Day, Thank You For Loving Me, an more pon this 14 track album. All so different and oh so nice. It’s what makes this album a must-have in your Roots Rock Reggae Collection!

It’s out deh since the 21st of November 2006, so run go get it as I would say J di adress yuh all know …

May Jah lovin Inspiration be with yuh fi all times I pray mi Bredda Sizzla, Raspec fi di works yuh a mek! Holy I… Jah Rastafari……. Blessed love be pon yuh all fi Iva!

                                                                  I Jahlive I


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  1. big up from poland, much respect fi di works yuh mek for us! :)music misic smokin ganja good ganja weed , yeh man!

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