The Mateel Community Center Reaches Agreement with 2b1 Multimedia to Produce Reggae on the River ’07

[San Francisco, California, January 4, 2007] The Mateel Community Center (MCC) Board of Directors has reached an agreement with the highly- respected 2b1 Multimedia (Maritime Hall, The Family Dog), owned by Boots Hughston, to produce “Reggae on the River®” (ROTR) 2007. This arrangement is a return to the festival’s roots as it brings back Hughston who was ROTR’s stage manager and production manager from 1984 through 1995. All of the agreement’s deal points have been hammered out by both sides and the final papers are being drawn up. “Our plans include keeping the structure, coordinators and staffing while addressing community issues and local concerns,” says Hughston. “Special focus will be placed on continuing the process of the greening of ROTR and reinforcing the event’s original principles of peace, love and community.”

2b1 Multimedia hails from San Francisco and their list of accomplishments is impressive. They have promoted over 200 benefit concerts including the nationally acclaimed “The Tribute to Chet Helms” that raised over $70,000, plus 721 shows at Maritime Hall in San Francisco with total attendances well over 1,000,000. Hughston and his brother Lance started the annual “North Beach Photographic Art Fair” (a free outdoor event drawing 30,000 people over three days) in 1971 and continued its promotion for 14 years. The show is now called the “North Beach Fair” and is celebrating its 35th year. Hughston is also one of the founders of the annual “Cinco De Mayo” festival in Berkeley and San Jose whose attendance is between 20,000 and 30,000. 2b1 Multimedia and Boots Hughston’s reputation for showing respect to their audience and using intelligence when handling patrons is well deserved and one of the best in the industry. They were the first to use bar code tickets to eliminate counterfeits. They are also credited with helping break a lot of new talent such as Papa Roach, Ozomatli and more.

“We want to thank the MCC for offering this opportunity to produce the 2007 ROTR. We also wish great success for People Productions in their new endeavors. 2b1 Multimedia looks forward to promoting this conscious, spiritual, world class event,” said Boots Hughston.

This year’s festival will take place on August 3rd, 4th, and 5th at French’s Camp/Dimmick Ranch in Piercy, California. The MCC gives thanks and gratitude to Carol Bruno, owner of People Productions, who resigned in 2006 after producing ROTR for 23 years. “Under her direction and guidance the festival and the entire community has benefited immeasurably,” said MCC vice president Garth Epling. “We gratefully acknowledge the love, hard work, and years of dedication Carol and John Bruno have given to making Reggae on the River® a world class event for all of our enjoyment and benefit.”

The MCC and its board of directors, together with the new production company 2b1 Multimedia, look forward to another excellent year at Reggae on the River® 2007. A major shout out of thanks and recognition goes out to all of our supporters who come from all walks of life. Reggae on the River® is more than a destination. It is a cultural idea.

In The Spirit of Unity. Peace
phone: (707) 923-1648


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