Da’Ville thrills Bahamians

Da’Ville continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment business. The singer who copped the coveted Stone Love award title for Singer of the Year (2006) continues to give creditable performances into the New Year.

On January 6, Da’Ville swept fans off their feet when he performed at Charlie’s Place in Nassau, Bahamas. From the artiste took the stage, it was total euphoria as the females screamed and shouted as his infectiously soothing voice echoed through the microphone.

Da’Ville took them away with songs such as ‘In Heaven’, ‘Hey Baby’, ‘Just A Little Girl’, ‘This Time I Promise’, ‘Can’t Get Over You’, ‘My Grade’, ‘Gallis’ and ‘On My Mind’ among others.  During his performance of ‘This Time I Promise’ and ‘Crazy’, Da’Ville handed out red roses to the ladies.

The men in the audience weren’t left out of the niceness of the night as they were treated to a mind stirring dancing session from a Jamaican dancer who was visiting Nassau. She demonstrated how the ‘Hot Wuk’ and ‘Dutty Wine’ dances were done, as the men cheered her on.

Fans departed Charlie’s fully satisfied and will forever have Da’Ville on their minds.

TEL: JA. (876) 8775956
TEL: USA (347) 3945801


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