Mavado, Dancehall’s baddest rising star, signs to VP Records

It is official! Mavado, dancehall’s most talked about dee-jay, has signed a multiple album deal with VP Records. His first album entitled “Gangster For Life” is set to be released this July. Production credits include, Daseca, Stephen McGregor, TJ and Famous.  

Neil ‘Diamond’ Edwards, VP Records A&R, said he is eager to work with such a  talent. “Mavado represents the youths in the streets, so we are going to harness his unlimited raw potential to carry him to the next level. If you look beyond certain things, you can see it and he has yet to tap into even a quarter of his talent,” Edwards said.

According to Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffiths, “VP Records is committing a lot of marketing efforts in order to promote Mavado. The album will also be accompanied with a DVD which will take a look into the ‘gangsta’ world.”

Tiffany  Mea
VP Records Publicity
89-05 138th St.
Jamaica, NY 11435
PH: (718)-425-1151
FAX: (718)-658-3573


Posted on March 11, 2007, in Reggae Artists. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. congrats. gwaan hold up yuh head and love the work weh you a do

  2. Ricardo aKa Rufus

    gwaan do ting a u a di real ting nuh watch to fool dem weh a try stop just blow pass dem and left dem inna di dust behind. a u a di real man inna JA straight, MAD.


  4. Big up to da real MCKOY, Mavado. Mi rate yuh longside the Mercilless Bounty Killer.

  5. Gangsta for lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the original RUDE BOYY. big up this is in fact the REAL mckoy!

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