Interviews Roots Reggae Singer Wadi Gad

Big Up Radio sits down with Wadi Gad, to listen to what this humble, hard-working Rastaman has been up to. Wadi Gad is from the town of Morvant, on the island of Trinidad.  I have had the honor of seeing Wadi perform with many different artists as he is a favorite drummer and percussionist of many reggae singers.

Besides working on his own band, “Jah Bandis”, Wadi plays alongside the legendary singer from Waterhouse, Kingston, Don Carlos.The one thing I notice about Wadi is that he carrries an “Old Soul” vibe with him. As this man fulfills Jah works it’s as if his message is timeless, and it is!

In addition to being a very heartical, talented, musician Wadi is ever devoted to his faith in Rastafari. Wadi has recently become  elected  as director of the Ethiopian World Federation Inc.His function on this international council, is to further promote unity and solidarity for black people in the African Diaspora. The headquarters of the E.W.F.Inc. is in Harlem, New York.

As I talked with Wadi he recalled some memorable shows that he performed at, and one such performance was with the dearly missed, Joseph Hill of Culture, in 1988. When you listen to Wadi’s original music you immediately get a sense of his devotion to the almighty creator, and his influences and inspiration from his peers in Roots Reggae music. Wadi recorded  versions of Fred Locks’ classsic tunes “Time to Change” and “Wolf“. When asked who he would most like to record a song with in the future, Wadi didn’t hestitate for a second in replying, Luciano as his first choice.

Wadi Gad has five albums out currently available at finer Roots Reggae outlets, Ernie B’s and at  (1) Psalms 1 (The Early Years) , Classic Wadi Gad tunes like  “Never Give Up”, and “Mental Slavery” . The album showcases the early years of Wadi’s spiritual roots music.

 (2) New Day , a must have cd for anyone who loves Jah, loves Roots Rasta music, and believes in good over evil shall always prevail! Selah. Many solid tracks like “Wanted Man” with Della Grant on background vocals., “Strength Of” with Ralston Grant on backing vocals, and Mount Zion, are all serious, Rastafari inspired works.

 (3) Writing on the Wall contains some of the best Concious Roots Reggae that you are likely to hear. With tracks like “Shine Your Light”, “Things People Do”, “Mystery” and “Faith”. This cd contains perhaps some of the best modern Roots Rasta vibes of the time.Check it, for real!

 (4) Walk with Jah, brings some true wisdom tunes like “Africa” “Can’t Conquer Me”, and “To behold Jah”  

(5) Give Love a Try, Wadi Gad’s latest release Contains some new classics like “12 Function”, “Cease Fire”, and “Stronga” with Jr. Toots( son of Toots Hibbert).

Chances are you have heard Wadi play at a recent reggae festival, as he been a backing drummer/percussionist for artists like Horace Andy, Jimmy Riley, Mikey Dread, the Abyssinians, U-Roy, John Holt, Big Youth, the Nuetral Sisters, and that is just the short list!

As Wadi sings “Shine your light Rastafari, so I can see clearly, let you light shine and men will see your good works and praise Fari”,  ” In the midst of darkness, come in Jah Light” Yes Iya Wadi, no compromise seen! Listen to Wadi Gad and feel dem mystic vibes. Jah works through and through! This humble Rastaman, channels Jah spirit in a most uplifting way. Step into Jah light and listen to Wadi Gad.  One love, one Inity, one Jah.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Wadi Gad on the Reality Time radio show April 22nd.

Jah guide and protect the I,



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