CULTURE CAFE #6 with roots reggae star Isaac Haile Selassie on

Blessings Roots Reggae massive! presents the roots reggae show CULTURE CAFE hosted by RAS TOM-I every wednesday. Hear crucial roots reggae mixed by the Southern California radio legend RAS TOM-I. This week Isaac Haile Selassie stops by for an interview and feature. This 4th of July will be a blast! Tune in this Wednesday! You can reach RAS TOM-I at ONE LOVE

About Isaac Haile Selassie:

In the annals of reggae music and its devotion to Emperor Haile Selassie, one thing becomes striking by its absence: the lack of Ethiopian voices giving thanks and praise to the Almighty God through the teachings of His Majesty. Now, from Addis Ababa, by way of Southern California, comes a striking new voice whose direct links to the King of Kings are stronger than any other singer and player of instruments this century has known. If that seems hyperbole, consider the fact that Isaac Haile Selassie not only carries the Imperial name, but was, in fact, raised under the supervision of His Majesty. “I have been blessed,” recalls the singer from his cozy hillside cottage in Los Angeles, “to have been raised in the care of His Imperial Majesty personally, at his boarding school a few miles from the palace. I used to see him at least once a week throughout my childhood.”

Find out more here.

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