WORLD CLASH 2007 Comes to its Final Chapter

New York, NY: – World Clash New York, founded by Irish and Chin, Inc., is celebrating its 10th anniversary and final staging entitled Game Over on Saturday, November 24, 2007 . This highly anticipated event will mark the end of an era, which has revolutionized sound system (DJ) competitions and the sound clash arena as a whole.

Game Over, slated to take place at Amazura in Queens, New York, will inevitably attract and entertain a diverse audience.  In addition to an exciting line-up of past World Clash champions, this year’s event also includes the likes of artists Beenie Man, Ninja Man and Tony Matterhorn. And the event includes veteran selector David Rodigan.   Certainly, Game Over will spark the interest of sound clash fans and non-sound clash fans alike.

Game Over will follow the guidelines set by one of the biggest sports in the world, boxing.  Just as the sport of boxing stages multiple matches in one night, Irish and Chin, Inc. has decided to bring World Clash to a close by staging three marquee events in one night. 

The openers will consist of two 10-minute matches and a “tune fi tune” segment with a Vintage Cup Clash between Ninja Man & David Rodigan, followed by a Celebrity Cup Clash between Beenie Man & Tony Matterhorn.

Finally, The Main Event will follow standard World Clash guidelines and feature a stunning line up of World Clash champions including: Black Kat (2003 & 2004), Mighty Crown (1999), Bass Odyssey (2001 & 2006),   Rebel Tone (2002) and Sentinel (2005).
“We are extremely ecstatic about closing out World Clash in style, as these past ten years have been quite rewarding,” says Garfield “Chin” Bourne, Irish and Chin, Inc.   “Our dedicated fans deserve to experience the best in sound clash entertainment, while being a part of history.”
Irish and Chin, Inc. is credited for producing flagship sound clashes, including the popular World Clash series, which was jump started in New York in 1998.  The event was created as a vehicle of reviving New York’s diminishing sound clash arena.  With much fanfare, World Clash grew into a colossal event, which attracted thousands of diehard fans each year and some of the World’s best sound systems. World Clash in New York’s popula


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