REALITY TIME #77 with dub master TICKLAH on presents the dub ruler TICKLAH as this week’s special guest on REALITY TIME. Hosted by the furious DJ Kurious and might MC Taiyefoon, REALITY TIME brings you the latest reggae news, culture and exclusive interviews each Sunday on Bigupradio’s 24/7 dancehall station. TICKLAH is well known for his works on the Dub Side of the Moon bestselling album. Now he’s on his own with his first release Ticklah Vs. Axelrod” on the mighty Easy Star label. Find out all you need to know about TICKLAH on this exclusive interview and feature. Catch REALITY TIME every Sunday! ONE LOVE

“Ticklah Vs. Axelrod”

Ticklah Vs. Axelrod


“Victor ‘Ticklah’ Axelrod is an analog reggae revivalist in a world falling to digital sin.”-Carter Van Pelt, The Beat, August 2007

A battle wages in an underground Brooklyn studio. It’s a war against mediocrity, an epic sound clash. The entire struggle is taking place inside the head of one man: Victor Axelrod a.k.a. Ticklah. The fruits of the brawl can be heard on Ticklah Vs. Axelrod, released September 18, 2007 on Easy Star Records, the same outfit that brought us Dub Side of the Moon and Radiodread. The album is roots reggae steeped in Ethiopian melodies, salsa, and ska, dripping with trippy dub production.

Even if you haven’t heard his name, you’ve probably heard Axelrod’s contributions to dozens of familiar projects. As a co-producer (and the keyboardist) of Dub Side of the Moon, he helped craft one of the best selling reggae albums of the decade. As a key member of the Afrobeat collective Antibalas, and as an original member of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Axelrod is known for nailing grooves and then dancing around them in jaw-dropping capacity. His session work with Mark Ronson has put him on tracks by Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, and Amy Winehouse (including the hit “Rehab”). And he’s partnered on hit remixes with DJ Spinna, including Shaun Escofferey’s “Days Like This” and Les Nubians’ “Makeda.” When he’s not collaborating with other musicians, Axelrod tackles his own musical demons; the results are some of the most original music released this year.

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