CULTURE CAFE #19 this Wednesday with RAS MICHAEL on

Blessings Roots Reggae massive! presents the roots reggae show CULTURE CAFE hosted by RAS TOM-I every wednesday. This week’s special guest is the living legend RAS MICHAEL! RAS MICHAEL has been putting out the best roots reggae music for decades. With dozens of albums and worldwide tours RAS MICHAEL has been pushing roots forward in a major way. Don’t miss this exclusive interview and feature on Wednesday! You can reach RAS TOM-I at ONE LOVE


Ras Michael was born George Michael Henry in Kingston, Jamaica. He grew up in the Rastafarian communities of Salt Lane, Dungle, Oxford Street, Pink Lane, Matthew’s Lane, Trenchtown, Rosetown, Clock Circle, Water House, Back a Wall, Cockburn Pen, in the ghettos of Kingston. His mother Mercideth (known as Mercy)was a devoted Christian, she was born in the parish of St. Mary, she left there and moved to Kingston where Ras Michael was born and raised, where he learned hand drumming and eventually became an internationally acclaimed master-drummer. The legendary musician is known throughout the world as a reggae vocalist and Nyabinghi “burra” drum specialist whose style is roots, rock reggae.

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  1. As a DJ that has been play and mixing reggae music for the past 14 years, reggae music is making a come back on the music world chats, but in different way; like feat artists Damien Marley & The Marley Family also coming with a top40 and many others with that feel for reggae roots message this is great.

    A call out to all “Reggae SuperStart”

    How many millones of dollars are we all sitting on. My Heart is in pain for the people all over the world, their are crying out every day for change wanting, hope & wanting for you to stand up and come together for mankind and lead the way with our Reggae Music.

    “The One Love, One World Reggae Tour”
    Stop The Fighting.

    I would support this in promotions and marketing for free!! (If this tour was to come to Australia)

    Jah Bless

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