BADMAN RADIO #6 with the orginal “Queen of the Dancehalll” LADY SAW

The one and only”Queen of the Dancehall” LADY SAW stops by the BADMAN RADIO show this Saturday on BADMAN RADIO is hosted by DJ TRASHA “Tha Booty Shaker.” LADY SAW is one of the top female dancehall artists in the world with a long history leading the pack with revolutionary new tracks. Tune in for an exclustive interview and feature with LADY SAW! You’ll want to tune into this show for sure. ONE LOVE


Lady Saw
Queen Of The Dancehall
Lady Saw - I've Got Your Man

Lady Saw
“Queen Of The Dancehall”

Lady Saw - Queen Of The Dancehall

About LADY SAW :

When Saw gets raw, as on her sure-shot crowd pleaser “Stab Out the Meat,” she can stand with any X-rated DJ from General Echo to Yellowman to Shabba. Slackness is hardly her only mode, but her sexual frankness does get results. Check out Saw’s intimidating cover photo on her new album Give Me the Reason (V.P. Records): She’s sheathed head-to-toe in black leather, rocking a bald dome and a riding crop!

Offstage, though, Lady Saw still sometimes sounds like the innocent country girl from the parish of St. Mary’s who used to stand outside the dancehall gate, listening to Youthman Promotion sound when it passed through her area. Back then, the star attraction was Tenor Saw (killed in his prime, but best remembered for the extra-classic anthem “Ring the Alarm”), whose ghostly, warbling voice the young Lady Saw would emulate at hometown dances, eventually moving beyond imitation to origination.

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