REALITY TIME #82 with BARRINGTON LEVY this Sunday on

“Broader than Broadway” BARRINGTON LEVY is the special quest this week on REALITY TIME this Sunday on Hosted by the furious DJ Kurious and might MC Taiyefoon, REALITY TIME brings you the latest reggae news, culture and exclusive interviews each Sunday on Bigupradio’s 24/7 dancehall station. BARRINGTON LEVY is one of the all time great roots/dancehall crossover artists who’s style and class can’t be matched. With too many hits and wonderful albums to list BARRINGTON has been their for the fans worldwide putting out the best of the best in reggae. Catch this fantastic show for Lucky Dube on REALITY TIME this Sunday! ONE LOVE


Born in West Kingston in 1962, and recorded his debut single ‘My Black Girl’ with a cousin in 1977 under the name of the mighty multitudes. A year later he joined Byron Lee & The Dragonnaires as a backing singer and voiced ‘A Long Time Since We Don’t Have No Love’ for Barry Biggs at dynamic. producer Henry “Junjo” Lawes discovered him singing on a local soundsystem, and wasted no time in taking him to Channel One for the first of many hit singles in 1979.Wth the Channel One All-Stars (later to form the nucleus of the Roots Radics) laying the rhythms, and Scientist mixing the finished results at King Tubby’s, the new singer caused a sensation right from the start, ushering the dancehall phase at the same time. those early singles ‘A Yah We Deh’, ‘Shine Eye Gal’ and ‘Moonlight Lover’ were later collected on his debut album ‘Bounty Hunter’ which appeared on the Jah Life label in the states.
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