The rising star BOOM STEPPA is the guest this Friday on ALLSPICE REGGAE hosted by DJ Common Sensi. The ALLSPICE REGGAE shows airs every Friday on Slamming Dancehall station. Tune in to hear tracks off this new album and an exclusive interview. Find out what’s going on with this hot dancehall artist BOOM STEPPA this Friday! ONE LOVE


Boom steppa was borned in Kingston J.A. in the 80s and christened Fabian Wilson. Growing up in Central Village the home of artists such as Ronnie twaites, John Wayne,Pennie irie and Travel fox, he admired the love and attention they acquired from being Entertainers, little did he knew that he would grow up to be an artist also. “The love for music came naturally because i’m from a family that loves music, my mother was always singing,my father collects albums from all genres of music,my brother was a D.J. so i was totally surrounded by music lovers”, It was not long before music became his hobby,he started to flip popular songs in his own words to entertain his friends at school. “There was never a day when I decided to become an artist, it was just like puberty I matured into this.”

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