SOCA TOUCH #55 with the “Queen of Soca” ALISON HINDS on Nov 21 proudly presents the “Queen of SocaALISON HINDS on this weeks SOCA TOUCH hosted by The Golden Touch Crew. This week the beautiful ALISON HINDS stops by for an exclusive interview and to promote her newly released album “SOCA QUEEN.” Hear new tracks from “SOCA QUEEN” and find out what’s going on in her world. The Golden Touch Crew is one of the well known sounds in the Maryland and DC area. They play a wide spectrum of music with more emphasis on  Soca  and Calypso which is the native music of their country of origin,Trinidad and Tobago. These three dj’s, Smally , Signal and Acid have come together to take the BIGUPRADIO listeners by storm, bringing the Soca, Calypso and Zouk flavor mainstream with authentic skills. Tune in every Tuesday 3am, 3pm, 9am & 9pm EST.

Alison Hinds
“Roll It”
Alison Hinds - Roll It
(Click to watch)


Ask SOCA superstar ALISON HINDS what she wants her music to convey and she replies, “More than anything, I’m hoping to expose the world to my music and for people to really appreciate and say yes to it. It’s infectious, and happy but can still say something and touch lives. SOCA is what I’m known for, so I want the music to represent who I am.”

The intoxicating musical movement known as SOCA (popular dance music of the SOuthern CAribbean) is rapidly gaining popularity among music lovers around the globe.  It is a sexy and uplifting music known for its infectious rhythms and spirited spicy lyrics that inspires jubilant audience participation albeit with waving hands and flags to swaying hips, all in a ritualistic celebration that exemplifies life today in the Caribbean. ALISON HINDS is poised to become a major force in the eruption of innovative urban-influenced Caribbean-based artists such as fellow-Bajan popstar Rihanna, Sean Paul, or Shaggy, who are changing the face of music worldwide.

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