Kiprich records second album for Big Yard

DJ Kiprich is busy in the studios working on his second album for Big Yard, which is expected to be completed soon.

VP Records, who were also responsible for distributing his first album titled ‘Outta Road’, recorded for Big Yard.

Not only is Kiprich working on his new album, he also has recorded singles titled ‘Bun Fi Bun’ and ‘On My Mind’ on the Big Yard label, ‘Rosie Whine’ on Birchell label and ’40 & Over’ on the Total Cil label.

Christened Marlon Plunkett, the DJ who was born in Waterhouse, St. Andrew, went by the stage name Crazy Kid when he just started out in the music business. Crazy Kid was not doing any justice for his career so he changed it to Kiprich, which was to give him the big break he so desperately wanted.

His first hit song was ‘Leggo Di Bwoy’ followed by ‘Mad, Sick, Head No Good’ done in collaboration with Predator. He later struck big with ‘Telephone Ting’ ‘Imagine This’ and ‘The Letter’, which all became popular in the dancehalls at yard and abroad.

The gifted DJ, whose parents wanted him to have a different career, is also very versatile at writing songs. He is responsible for penning the lyrics of Elephant Man’s hit single ‘Jook Gal’, which was later re-mixed and featured Kiprich himself, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz.

TEL: JA.876) 877-5956
TEL: NY (347) 394-5801
TEL: FL. (954) 603-7751


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