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Reality Shock Records proudly presents ‘WAR’ sung-over by Mikey Murka

Reality Shock Records proudly presents a Dub anthem, coming to 10″ early January… ‘WAR’ sung-over by Mikey Murka on an earth shaking riddim by Reuben Addis (Unitone Soundimentional – UK) featuring the voice of His Majesty in Amharic.

On October 4th, 1963 the greatly revered Ethiopian Emperor H.I.M. Haile Selassie (Ras Tafari Makonnen) delivered a historic speech to the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), the words of which would reverberate around the world, as relevant today as they were 45 years ago…

“until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned: That until there are no longer first-class and second class citizens of any nation; That until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; That until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained…”

This powerful speech calling for world peace, action against racial inequality and international injustice, touched the hearts & minds of people worldwide & was later immortalized by the king of Reggae Bob Marley who used excerpts of the speech in his famous song ‘War’. These excerpts are now presented to you in the form of a dub anthem sung over by UK reggae veteran Mikey Murka, featuring the voice of Haile Selassie delivering the original speech in Amharic. Reality Shock’s ‘War’ was produced by Reuben Addis of Unitone Soundimentional & features percussion by Jonah Dan. Previously played only on dubplate by the likes of Disciples, Iration Steppas, Cultural Warriors & Vibronics, this tune has made waves in European Reggae & Dub circles. A much requested release now here by popular demand! The 10″ features three brand new mixes fresh out of Unitone studio, on the A side is the full extended vocal version & on the B side, two heavy dub mixes hot off the mixing board.

Reuben Addis is a veteran of the UK roots scene. Originally moving with Malachi Rastanational Sound from 1979, Reuben started recording with Blakamix in the early 80s and was the first artist to be released on Blakamix label around 1985. Reuben also worked with Dread & Fred Ironworks & in 1988 started the Unitone Soundimentional Studio with a 4 track cassette recorder/mixer, Great British Spring Reverb, Boss delay and a cheap Yamaha keyboard & drum machine. Over the years the studio has grown from strength to strength & Unitone has become internationally known for their works with artists including Dil-in-Jah, General Smiley & of course Mikey Murka. This project also features kete drum by the famous UK roots percussionist/musician Jonah Dan, guitar by ‘Freeloader’s Mark Sharples & flute by Messenjah Music’s resident player of wind instruments Ben Aarans.

80’s Unity Sound legend Mikey Murka is back with a vengeance! Since the recent release of Mikey’s debut solo album ‘In The Name Of Love’, Mikey is a singer much in demand. Several singles are lined up & set to blow in early 2008; keep an eye out for ‘Back On The Scene’ on Mungo’s Hifi/Scotch Bonnet 10″, a homage to UK sounds & artists of yesterday, featuring Carl Meeks and his old friend Kenny Knots. Also due for release soon is ‘Deep In My Heart’ on Tigerman Records 10″ produced by Mafia & Fluxy (also featuring Princess Jewels & Birdy). Fans of the digital reggae style may also be interested to know that Mikey also has an EP on the way produced by German based crew Jahtari, with whom Mikey has recently been touring in Germany, Italy & Norway. Mikey continues to tour internationally & is receiving ever increasing publicity from various DJs, Sounds, magazines, promoters etc. it seems Mikey Murka is a name you will be hearing a lot in 2008!

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REGGAE MAKOSSA #65 features the MIDNITE on Roots

Wednesday Dec. 27th reggae powerhouse MIDNITE pays a visit to REGGAE MAKOSSA on Roots. Straight outta St. Croix comes the strong reggae roots sound of MIDNITE. MIDNITE has been touring the globe playing crucial heavy roots reggae. Recently MIDNITE teamed up with Oakland’s top reggae label LUSTRE KINGS to release the amazing album “Infinite Quality.” REGGAE MAKOSSA is hosted by the world famous Makeda Dread. The show airs Thursday, December 27th on the Steady Rockin’ Roots station. Don’t miss this special interview and feature with MIDNITE! Tune in this and every Thursday for the REGGAE MAKOSSA show! ONE LOVE

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MIDNITE – “Infinite Quality”


We live in a world that accepts American hip-hop as authentic but American reggae as flaccid. Sort of like looking for french fries in Chinatown–sure you can find it, but it’s not the best, so why bother? American reggae has had a hard time finding an international audience that deem their music as authentic and as real as Marley, Tosh, or Beenie Man. There are subtle yet reinforced reminders that only real reggae comes from Jamaica, and no other place has the ability to produce talent that competes with the homegrown originals of Jamaican music. The charts, DJs and journalists constantly remind us of whose riddim and whose song is #1 in Jamaica. The award shows always hone in on strictly Jamaican reggae artists and therefore omit a great market and talent that is out there, pumping out great reggae music just the same. The time has come, for the many who thought only good authentic reggae comes from Jamaica– to bite their tongues.

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REGGAE MAKOSSA #64 features GENTLEMAN on Roots

This Wednesday Germany’s finest reggae superstar GENTLEMAN drops by REGGAE MAKOSSA on Roots. Gentleman has released his 5th wonderful “Another Intensity.” Like many of the great reggae artists GENTLEMAN puts out only the finest reggae music. Every track on every one of his albums is great…we kid you not! Find out all you need to know about GENTLEMAN this Wednesday! REGGAE MAKOSSA is hosted by the world famous Makeda Dread. The show airs Thursday, December 20th on the Steady Rockin’ Roots station. Don’t miss this special interview and feature with MIDNITE! Tune in this and every Thursday for the REGGAE MAKOSSA show! ONE LOVE

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GENTLEMAN – “Another Intensity”


When Gentleman first left for Jamaica ten years ago, he didn’t know anybody there. In those days, the man whose given name is Tilmann Otto was a reggae-novice who owned but a couple of reggae records, most of which he had found in his brother’s record collection. On the island, he got to know the rough country life where the living standard is more than poor when you compare it to western countries. A few years later, Europe’s culture television channel Arte showed a programme on reggae in its “Lost In Music” -series, with Gentleman featuring as one of the outstanding connoisseurs of reggae music. Jamaica has become a second home to the now 27-year old, and it is here that he found the elixir for his art. Gentleman is the prototype of a restless wanderer between two worlds.

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KNOTTY DREAD RADIO #24 features dancehall powerhouse BRAMMA on presents dancehall powerhouse BRAMMA this Thursday on KNOTTY DREAD RADIO. Hosted by Jah Marvin, KNOTTY DREAD RADIO is a weekly dancehall show that features the best of the best dancehall. Recent hits include “Value Of A Lady,” “Run Fi Him Life,” “Battlefield” and many more. The young dancehall star BRAMMA has been on the rise for the last several years releasing slamming dancehall singles. Find out all you need to know Wednesday! Tune into BigUpRadio Dancehall this Thursday! ONE LOVE


Well Ladies!!! it is your turn for sure yes!!! this one is for you VALUE OF A LADY is not the regular “gal” tune but a reminder for all thugs, fathers, sons, brothers, nephews ” all a de man dem” that the ladies are important in the society. Here a yard women and children are often victims of some brutal crimes some of which are committed by young men. As a young youth and the only child for his mother, BRAMMA uses this opportunity to appeal to his peers, to ease up on the slaying of women and children and be more respectful of them. He said “Dem nuh know de pain it tek fi have a baby”. Bramma also highlighted some great women such as Rosa Parks and Princess Di, powerful women of Jamaica such as Portia (Prime Minister) and Babsy Grange (Opposition MP) who came from humble beginnings to become successful role models. VALUE OF A LADY is another creative effort from this Dancehall artiste. The track is produced by an outstanding young producer in the business, Jordon McClure of The Chimney Records “new kid on da bloc” who is already working with some major Reggae and Dancehall artistes. He creates a smooth, trendy international reggae sound that often time would come across as live music. His rhythms are BADD!! so keep all eyes and ears open for much more popular beats created by Jordon. “VALUE OF A LADY” is Bramma”s official introduction of himself to his female fans there is a lot more to expect from this artiste, jus keep it locked to right here on myspace.

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PLATINUM VIBES #12 features the amazing TIPPA IRIE on

England’s finest deejay TIPPA IRIE stops by the PLATINUM VIBES show for an exclusive interview on Join your host Ronnie Biggs as he brings the best of European and Jamaican dancehall reggae. . TIPPA IRIE has just release his latest album “Talk The Truth” that features brand new hits “The Neighbor Next Door,” “A Ho,” “Peace (with Elephant Man),” “Free Up (with Frankie Paul)” and more! Tune in this week to find out what’s going on with TIPPA IRIE. TIPPA IRIE RADIO show will be coming soon to so stay tuned! PLATINUM VIBES airs every Tuesday on‘ Dancehall station. ONE LOVE

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TIPPA IRIE – “Talk The Truth”


“Ah Ho / Pick Up My People”


Anthony Henry – a.k.a. “Tippa Irie” – emerged from England’s Saxon Sound International – the star-studded travelling sound system that has been at the forefront of the U.K. reggae dancehall scene for the past 25 years and helped launch the careers of artists such as Maxi Priest, Papa Levi and Smiley Culture. Tippa Irie was part of the new generation of British MC’s who developed the ‘Fast Talking’ style chat which today can be heard in modern day rappers like Busta Rhymes. Tippa toured extensively with his friend and long-time sparring partner, Pato Banton, throughout the Eighties including an appearance at Jamaica’s Reggae Sunsplash and their U.S. debut tours together. The U.K. DJ duo of Tippa Irie and Pato Banton had become one of the genres favourite combinations. As the Nineties began, the dynamic duo pursued their solo careers. Over a decade would pass before Tippa & Pato would reunite in the studio with legendary singing sensation Peter Spence to produce “The Good Old Days”–a track featured on Pato’s 2000 Grammy-nominated ‘Life is a Miracle’ and Tippa’s ‘I Miss’ tribute album to his late and great sister/MC Miss Irie.

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