BADMAN RADIO #8 with special guest YELLOW MAN

The one and only King Yellow Man stops by the BADMAN RADIO show this Saturday on BADMAN RADIO is hosted by DJ TRASHA “Tha Booty Shaker.” The living legend YELLOW MAN has been been touring the world for decades bringing the original dancehall music to fans in every country. This celebrity has spread joyous dancehall globally and now you can get a peak at what he’s up to today. With dancehall Hall of Fame tracks like “Nobody Move,” “I Can’t Take It,” “Yellow Like Cheese,” “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng” well…there are just too many to list! Do not miss this exclusive interview and feature with YELLOW MAN!! ONE LOVE


Yellowman was born Winston Foster in Negril, Jamaica, in 1959 (some accounts say 1956). An early target for abuse because of his albinism, he grew up in an institution in Kingston, with little to keep him company besides music. Influenced by early toasting DJs like U-Roy, he practiced rhyming and got a job with the Gemini Sound System as a substitute DJ. Christening himself Yellowman and dressing in a bright yellow suit, he peppered his lyrics with jokes about his skin color and outlandish tales of his sexual conquests. In 1979, he won a landslide victory at the well-known Tastee Talent Contest, and within months he had become one of Jamaica’s top concert draws, thanks to a dynamic, humorous stage show in which he often used the microphone to mimic his anatomical gifts.

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